Primaluna Prologue Premium CDP

Gday, has anyone had any experience with a Prinaluna CDP,  and warm discs after extended listening sessions. 
When I say warm, I mean warm enough to make me a bit concerned. 
Any information or help would be appreciated. 
Cheers Ricey
I've owned a PrimaLuna CD player for almost four years.  Use it daily.  After an extended session, the discs do seem to become quite warm. If you're concerned about possible ramifications/complications, contact Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio.  (I suspect the warming is normal for the machine and poses no serious problems.)
Thanks for your reply, I have contacted Upscale Audio... Was contacted by someone called Sean, he couldn't shed any light, but will talk to some technicians for some more information. 
Im a bit concerned about CD warpage?? 
This is my first tube/valve CDP.... 
I purchased the CDP from someone on a hifi site here in Australia calked Stereonet. He'd never removed it from the packaging, so I scored a bargain, unused brand new unit. 
I havent even burnt it in yet.. 
Cheers Ricey
ricey - I wouldn't be concerned about warpage. Hasn't been a problem with my unit.  Let us know what the Upscale techs say after your hear back.
No worries about updating re any response from Upscale.. 
Hopefully, somebody here might be able to share any answers or experiences.. 
Have you been concerned with the heat of discs after ejection, rshak? 
Xheers Ricey
ricey - I've noticed the warm discs - and given it a passing thought - but I can't say that I am concerned.  Many cds - quite a good number played many times over during my ownership of the PrimaLuna - and all is well.
Mmmmm, I'm taking on board what your experience and thoughts are, but I'll see what Upscale Audio say. 
I'll post their response, and let you all see what they say. 
Cheers Andrew
I've been running a PrimaLuna ProLogue 8 CDP for quite a few years now and have yet to run across a noticeably warm disc but I usually change discs after each play maybe cutting back to a favorite track or two but even then I have never a noticeable a change in disc temperature when pulling it from the tray. One does have 6 vacuum tubes above the CD drive in the PrimaLuna CD players but even with that, it would take a direct heat source to even begin to disfigure a CD. Personally I wouldn't worry about it and just enjoy the music. 
I'm now wondering, if I remove the removable  protective cage, which may allow more heat to escape might make a difference?? 
Even the use of a fan...??? small fan
I run AC Infinity fans on my Cambridge Audio 851w, Oppo 205 and Denon AVR.