Pro-Ject Debut Carbon EVO or Rega Planar 1 or Music Hall MMF-2.3 for casual listening?

I have a small collection of LPs and 45s lying around the house that I haven't listen to in years, but would like to get back to listening again.  Currently my serious music listening is in the digital domain, CD/SACD and Streaming (Qobuz and Tidal).  For now the vinyl will be for casual listening so I don't want to spend a lot of money on a analog setup.  The turntables mentioned in the title seem to fit the price range I'm willing to pay for my situation. 

As far as to what sound characteristics I'm looking for, it really doesn't matter because like it stated, for now it's just casual listening and just getting some enjoyment from listening to the records.  I suppose build quality and reliability among the three turntables is just as important of a factor. 

The records I have are a range of genres, classical, classic rock,pop, etc, some going back to the 50s.  Some are in pretty decent condition, others are full of scratches.  None would be considered audiophile quality, just the kind of records you would typically buy in the record department at Sears or the local record store.

My current system: Preamp Emotiva USP-1 (which I will be replacing in the near future), Amp: Rotel RB-1552 MK11, Speakers: Monitor Audio Silver 100 gen6.



Only one man's opinion:

1) Music Hall

2) Rega

3) Pro-ject

Have you given a thought to the cartridge? That will make a much bigger difference

in sound quality then the sound difference between the above tables at that price range. By the way, I own the Rega 6 with their Ania cart. and I'm happy with it. Music Hall Was actually my first choice, but the Wife Factor kicked in. I also have a mix of old and new records which I listen to only occasionally.

Look at the excellent Pioneer PLX1000. Add a Nagaoka MP-110 cartridge. And as the records sound like they need a good cleaning,  a Spin Clean.

I know it's a little over budget but you'll get a sturdy machine and you can upgrade the cables if desired. You might even start collecting a few more old records from stores.

On the other hand, if it really is to just hear the ones you have a few times, and be done with it, the inexpensive Audio Technica LP-120 with a cleaning machine bundle for low money may be all you need.

Whatever you get,  an appropriately priced phonostage can possibly make your experience more pleasant than the internal in your preamp.

Thank you to all those who have responded.  I've decided to go with the Pro-ject.  It is currently on back order and I'm just waiting for it to be shipped.