ProAc Response D48R......

What do people that own them have say about this spreaker, that one thing you immediately knew,  this is the one for you? 
+1 on @jperry  posts. Read through them.
This is a full range loudspeaker that showed me what I missed on the previous loudspeakers. Amazing clarity coupled with extension on both ends.
Hi, I was looking for a pair of FS Speakers for my BAT VK 3000SE and found a pre-owned PROAC D48R Speakers for a nice price.  But I am not sure whether it will be suitable for my room size of 17-L 11-W & 10-H.  I have to respond to the seller within a short period of time.  Please help me to know whether these speakers will suitable for my room.  Thanks in advance.
User @jperry has a room similar to yours and uses the D40R which is similar to the D48R. I suggest that you PM him and get his opinion, if you are in a hurry.
You are welcome. Also I have pictures posted so you can see the setup and room.