Proac SM100 speaker stand?

Hello fellas,

Which monitor stand would you recommend for a pair of Proac SM 100?

Thanks in advance.



Current Target HR or MR come to mind.

Years ago the Target "R" series were the go to for Proac.

I have 20 year old HR's (used with Castle/Reynaud/KEF) and feel that they would be fine VS the more expensive MR's.

Solid one piece welded steel construction that does not leak "fill".



Target MR stands are really good. Fill them with sand and you're good to go, or you could use lead shot.

Speaker Stands (



Sound Anchor stands are the best available in my experience and IMHO.

Sound Anchor Speaker Stands

i gave the OP the link to the site.

I also support the recommendations for Sound Anchor stands and have used them under speakers, amps, and electronics for years. Target’s literature says;

Target Audio Products Stands are 100% thick steel, substantially heavier and of vastly more rigid construction than any other speaker stands available.

Not sure they are heavier than Sound Anchor but both are made from heavy steel, both are fillable (SAs come already filled), and either should work great. I like the spikes that come with SA stands and they are easy to level and align so all four spikes are evenly in contact with the floor. However, IMO for a sonic improvement, even better than spikes would be to decouple with Herbies Giant Fat Gliders, Giant Fat Dots, or spring supports.



I mean is there a European source for sound anchor stands?

you may have to do a search yourself .

Ok so these are apparently the ones made in co-operation with Proac:


Their price is also decent of about 300 Euro but filling them up with the recommended material is like 400 Euro.... 😱