Problem of an infrared remote affecting two components at same time

I could use the help of people here who may have run into this problem.

I have a Logitech programmable infra-red remote which is set of control the volume and input selection of my integrated amp (Primare I-15), but at the same time, changing its source selection seems to also trigger a change of source from my DAC (RME ADI). The volume control on the DAC can be set to be fixed, so that the remote signal meant for the amp does not trigger a movement. But I cannot do that to the digital source selection on the DAC.

I cannot find the receiving port on the RME unit, perhaps it is part of the little display window.  But if I could find it, is it possible to take electrical tape or lead tape to cover the receiving eye of the unit, so that infrared signal gets blocked?

So many pieces of gear have remotes nowadays, these conflicts may have happened to others here, and hopefully people can share how to deal with the issue.

Yes, tape would work. :)

Cover up the entire panel as a test, perhaps with some cardboard.

Infrared receivers are pretty sensitive. If it’s behind a clear panel you may have a tough time covering it up without covering up the rest of the display. According to a picture I saw, the IR receiver appears between and to the right of the two buttons on the right.
Would be nice if one or the other could be programmed to a different code. Short of that you probably have the right idea, and just need to find the receiver. Sounds like you have a pretty good handle on it already. If you open it up and still can't figure out what is what the next thing I guess would be find something able to block the IR completely, like aluminum foil maybe? Wrap it and confirm no signal. Then poke a hole, and move the hole around until you locate find the perp.

Actually now that I think about it this is a lot of trouble. Maybe just get a turntable? No one ever has remote control problems with their turntable.
If your Logitech remote can do macro, you can program sequence of commands:
power off RME ADI > changing source from Primare I-15 > power on RME ADI
The IR sensor is on the right, it is between the (1) and (2)  knob/ pushbutton....  in the middle of the  up/dn symbol