Problem with toggle switch on Magnum Dynalab tuner

Hi, folks. The toggle switch for the signal/multipath function on my MD-102 FM tuner must be jiggled in order for the vu needle to move when in the signal position. Any thoughts on how to repair this without having to send it MD? Thanks.
I would order a switch from the manufacturer and install it myself. The toggle switch unscrews from the front face and there are probably only 2 wires to solder on the switch.
If it is like my MD90 all you have to do is remove the top plate to get access from the rear of the switch and tighten the nut that holds it in place.
Thanks for the advice. I popped the top, but all connections were tight. So, I thought to clean the contacts of the switch. A little Kontak and ... voila, it works like a charm. Sometimes, it's the simplest things that require correction.

I have a Old stock Etude and I like to know how to disassembly the toggle switch since the tips are more wide than the nuts. So how to pull out the nuts? Thanks for any information.