Problems Revising Posts: Original Posts and Edits????

For quite some time, I am having trouble editing posts, originally, or when trying to edit.

Cannot get the cursor inserted to edit, cut and paste, or remove text.



You cannot edit a post more than 30 minutes old - is that the problem?

Welcome back, by the way!

I occasionally make minor changes shortly after posting. This option is only available for 30 minutes after you post. I have not had any problems including to this post, which I edited on purpose.

I always edit. Since once in a while the screen will freeze. I always post quickly, then go back and edit. Occasionally I have a problem with the cursor on editing. But not usually. I would reboot your device.


thanks, getting the cursor to 'insert' is my repeated problem, during the initial, and during a quick edit I try right away when I cannot edit the original, well within 30 minutes.

I will reboot,




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