Problems with interconnects


I upgraded my interconnects from Silver Sonic BL-1 series ll to Actinote MB 130CM. Right from the start I got this distortion that increased with volume It was almost a shrill. I reconnected the Actinotes and it stopped, but I don't hear any sonic difference between the interconnects. Could it be that my player, a Marantz 8400, is not good enough to appreciate the better interconnects? I have heard these cables on other CD players with the same amp and they make quite a difference. Or is it possible that I have faulty cables? Perhaps there is another explanation? My amp is a Audiomat Opera ( this amp was built with Actinote in mind so I know the amp is not the issue).
Probably a connection or soldering pb with the IC. Check the soldering at each end.
Let's see - they sounded better with the same amp and another CD Player?

Maybe it was the other CD Player that sounded better, not the cables.
It could be the components, it could be that your installation has much worse electrical noise than what you heard before.
If the cables are shielded then try them in both directions, even if it's against the "recommended" direction. You might just get lucky if you have a ground loop issue...