Problems with U.S. Customs - Watch Out

A couple of weeks ago I agreed to buy a cd player from a fellow audiogoner in good standing from Canada. (I'm located in the U.S.) Upon receiving my check, he shipped the unit out FedEx ground the same day. Using the tracking number I could see it steadily making progress until a "Customs Delay" notice appeared.

After hours on the phone with FedEx inquiring as to the delay, the seller was informed he needed to file one form for the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), a "Declaration for imported products subject to radiation control standards" (I guess the FDA is worried I might eat the cd player) and another for the FCC, a "Statement regarding the importation of radio frequency devices capable of causing harmful interference" (I'm not sure how a cd player has the potential to cause harmful interference).

In additon the seller had to pay a hefty brokerage fee to FedEx Ground for a surety bond.

After the seller completed all the paperwork and payed the associated fees, I assumed the cd player would be released by customs. That was until later in the day when I got a call from FedEx saying the cd player was being held by U.S. customs for a visual inspection. E.g. the will be removing it from the seller's careful packing and poking and proding it to make sure it isn't something nasty.

I still don't have any idea if and when I'll get the unit.

Anyone have any similar problems dealing with U.S. Customs?
I haven't tried to do this but the fact that a CD player has a laser is the problem. Don't understand why they make such a big deal about this, there are literally millions of these "dangerous" items in use. But the Government has it's rules and they must follow them, logic not withstanding!
The FDA is checking for laser safety compliance with the cd player. The FCC is looking for EMI/RFI compliance since a CD player is considered as a digial device. Many high end CD players do not comply.

There is only one way for us audiophile USA/Canada and it is: USPS/Canada Post if under 66#, over we have little choice: Fedex/UPS...... where the problems start !
I know its irritating but it is their job. Lets not forget security too. I am glad to hear they are tightening up, though I am sorry for your hold up.
Which ones do not comply? I read somewhere that transports' signal quality is degraded when it has to meet emi/rfi compliance standards.
I live in Canada and shipped a Theta DAC by FedEx to a purchaser in the US mid July and had to fill out a "Declaration for imported electronic products subject to radiation control standards" document. I ticked box A. "Are not subject to radiation performance standards because they": then box 3. "are personal household goods of an individual entering the US or being returned to a US resident". I faxed back to FedEx and it was cleared the following day for delivery.
Contrary to your many comments excusing the system, the reality is a bit different. The FDA has nothing better to do but screw with people much like the communists. 2 years ago I was entered into the FDA data base at LAX as a "salami smuggler" on the way back from Tuscany with 2 4-inch salamis. I was given a retarded lecture about the safety of the environment by some ambitious imbecile who much to his dissapointment found nothing else. The source of the problems are people looking for satisfaction of self-applied authority. It is the direct result of social alienation by means of unsatisfied work condition and lack of interaction with others, so common in North America.
"Salami Smuggler"???
I too have been accused of that but never at customs control.
(Sorry, couldn't let that one pass)
I can hear the exchange at the Customs counter in my head, "Excuse me Sir, what's in your pants?" "Ohh nothing, just Salami." "Ohh a wise-@ss are ya? We'll see about that."

Seriously though, instead of blaming everyone on the North American continent wouldn't it have been easier just to claim the Salami in the first place.

P.S. Yes, I sometimes hear things in my head! Like for instance, "Hide the Salami, you can doo eet, now hide that Salami." Though, usually not at the Customs desk.
Hey people,
A DAC does not have a laser device in it, so it shouldn't be a problem, and does not relate to this gent's problem - An FCC 740 form covers every stereo component other than laser devices.

The FDA 2877 is a different animal, as it involves laser devices. The FDA requires a yearly report from the manufacturer with an up-to-date Accession number so that the CD player can be shipped into the US. The fact that the laser part may not have changed in years is irrelevant to them. The FDA has not been enforcing this regularly, if at all, until the last few weeks.

If any of y'all want to ship a CD player or transport into the US, I suggest that you call the manufacturer or distributor and ask them for the Accession Number and company info that goes into Section "B" of the FDA 2877 form. Blank forms can be found on the FDA website:
If you were on vacation and bought a peice of audio equipment to bring back, how much would one have to pay in duty?
It depends on what kind of equipment it is, and where it is made. (in Canada/US, or off-shore, etc.) A lot of duties are lower or gone, due to the Free Trade Agreement. I don't think there are any duties on CD players, but I'm not up-to-date on that stuff.
You can always call Customs and ask them or check the Customs websites for that information.
This is not about US costum maybe, I send a package
in Hungary,sp cables and ic, still have not receive
them after twenty days,anyone has idea how strict,
the costum there?I check them on the costum here per
USPS,recomendations.They said they have nothing to
do with outgoing package,