Project genie turntable, is it worth reviving

I recently came across a Project Genie 1.3 turntable that is in mint condition other than, no DC adapter, connections, or anti-skate balance weight. Would anybody know where could I find those parts, any opinions if it is worth getting a new cartridge, phono preamp, isolation platform, etc? Love the way it looks just not sure if it's worth the effort.


It all depends on what you are looking to accomplish. It is a solid entry level table. I would contact Pro Ject for the weight and adapter. I would certainly not spend more than $400 total on it (cost of purchase + parts) Putting it on an isolation platform is a great idea as long as the platform has a resonance frequency around 2-3 Hz with the weight of your table. 

Thanks for the advice mijostyn, I need to get it running first, check the RPMs &  motor noise, etc before dumping money into a lost cause. I am curious about resonant frequency and how to check?

I have owned many TTs, this one just looks so cool it might be a fun project to start rebuilding the vinyl system.  I'm streaming through Roon, don't want to spend the $$$ necessary for a truly good turntable right now.


If you can’t find what you need on eBay , Analog Seduction in the UK is a ProJect dealer and stocks parts.

Great people to deal with. Shipping isn’t bad for small parts.