PS Audio Delta 100

I have a PS Audio Delta 100 powering my Magnepan 1.4s. Looking into the construction of the amplifier by displaying Google Images, I find most Delta 100’s have different architecture than mine. I wonder how many versions are there? What was the company trying to accomplish by so many redesigns? The only online image of a Delta 100 that matches mine was found on a South Korean used hi-fi market site.
You could go on to PS Audio's website and go to "Ask Paul".  Ask Paul McGowan directly.  I feel sure he will answer your question.
I'm considering getting a Delta 100 to power my SMGa's. You have Maggie's. How the depth/sound stage with your PS AUDIO?
Based on how many amplifiers ( and not just amplifiers ) I have owned in my lifetime, it is not uncommon to find different components ( capacitors, transformers, etc. ) to be exact, without a model change to the product, from companies such as P.S.Audio. Many companies are constantly looking to better a current design / product, or even trying to make it more cost effective without raising it's msrp. IME
I sold these amplifiers way back when.  I had 2 different versions,  1 had the filter caps next on either side of the transformer and the other had the filter caps mounted on the boards. The boards on both were on the bottom of the chassis with the outputs attached to the heat sinks.  This photo looks like the boards are mounted on the rear heat sink.  Haven't seen this one. 
But they were decent sounding amps,  but I can tell you that the Delta 200 smokes the 100 and the 250 mono blocks are a bit better than the stereo 200

My experience is the Delta 100 is not the best for detail and imaging.  But it will really drive the Maggies to higher volumes, and thats a good .   Of the amps I have and used to have:

  • Audire Model 2 sounds best.  I love the Audire equipment.
  • Superphon DM200 (its Class A -I think) sounds good at low volume, but doesn't have the current to drive my Magnepan 1.4s.  It's dual mono design really contributes to separation and separation helps with imagining.  So keep that in mind. 
  • Finally, I had a Acurus DIA-100.  It imaged and drove the 1.4s well.     

Based on my experience with the Acurus I've been planning on hunting down a Aragon 2004 or even a 4004.  Both are good values.