PS Audio Direct Stream P12 Regenerator versus Puritan PSM156 Master Purifier

I have a PS Audio P12 Regenerator.  I just added a Bel Canto ACI600 to my system.  The power cord from the ACI600 to the PS Audio P12 lost power.  I reset it, and it worked.  It was recommended that I replace the PS Audio P12 with a Puritan PSM156 Master Purifier.  Any experience or thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.
You mean the Bel Canto triggers a breaker/safety circuit in the PS Audio?  Overload?
In my response to twoleftears, want to reiterate that I don't know if the Bel Canto triggered a breaker/safety circuit in the PS Audio resulting in overload.  The problem could have been for any number of reasons unrelated to the PS Audio.  I'm not an engineer and can't express an opinion on this.  
I ran my MC 402 amp into the P-12 with no issues, this is a 400-watt amp with a high current.