PS Audio Nuwave DSD DAC

Wondering if I have an expensive boat anchor here...  Does PS Audio still exist?   My NuWave DAC just apparently died on me - the input selector status lights flashing in a mesmerizing rotation that I've never seen before.  No output from the unit.  I emailed PS Audio help desk - no response.  I just called them - no answer, and goes to a generic voice mailbox.  No info in the manual about troubleshooting this LED status display.

Does PS Audio still exist?  And/Or - does anyone have any intel on what the strange flashing LEDs might mean?  It probably needs to go back for repair - and if that's the case then back to my first question...



They are still around. Try going through their website support ticket, I have their DAC and never had a problem contacting them and getting an answer to any questions. Hope this helps s bit.  

Thanks for the replies.  Got an update:

Finally got through on the phone, and they told me - the unit is old enough (2015) that they no longer support it.  Which means, not only can they not repair it (don't stock the parts??) but also couldn't tell me what the flashing blue LEDs are saying.  Advised that I have 2 options - either take it to a local repair shop, and then... good luck, OR - trade it in.  They offer full MSRP ($1,299 in this case) up to 30% off the sticker of the new purchase.

I'm kinda gobsmacked that they are unable to document the meaning of the LED error codes, but they did offer to provide schematics!!

Won't know if this is a cloud with a silver lining until I get the new unit, I guess...

The trade in at full MSRP up to 30% sounds like great service, way to go PS Audio.

Well I did check to see if there's a newer version of the manual available, and found one on the PS Audio website (updated to Rev C from Rev A).  But still - not a stinkin word about what the LED status/error codes mean...