PS Audio's Digital Link III DAC

I am wondering if any one has any experience with the new DAC from PS Audio, the Digital Link III? I can't find any review on this item. Thanks.
I ordered one. It's better than the internal DAC on my Rotel DVD player but not by much. It probably deserves to be paired with a better quality transport. You might look at a good single box player.
Yes, PS Audio has a new DAC--the "Digital Link III". Any feedback on this unit?
eh hem...anyone out there with a DL-III ????

They are on back order, so it is quite possible that people are buying them.

If you have one or have heard one, please chime in.

How does it sound?
What is its character?
What other DAC's or CDP's would you say that it is comperable to?

A PS Audio/Meridian dealer I spoke to tried it using a Meridian G08 acting as a transport ie: digital/coax out to the PS Audio DAC. He prefers it over the Meridian G08 using its own internal DAC. Apparently the Meridian/PS Audio combo has more resolution....
I 'm thinking of pairing it with the Squeezebox SB3.
I finally have a chance to borrow a Digital Link 3 from a dealer to try it in my system. It is VERY VERY good for the money. The sound is warmer, more dynamic and sound stage is much better as well.

I can tell you that this DAC is better than the internal dac of a Krell SACD Standard and a Marantz SA11S1 which I own, that will tell you something!!!

I haven't bought one yet because the total cost of ownership will be double the cost of the DL3 itself as I will not skim on the accessory to go with this unit. (a good power cord, a good digital cable, one set of BDR cones and one BDR The Shelf, plus the space for it). Those extra will cost me $1000 easily.

This make me to buy a used Ayre C-5XE to see if it will stop me from going back to transport/dac combo. The Ayre will be here tomorrow.....
I have it paired with a SB3... I like it.

I swear I wrote a review on it somewhere...

For the money its got to be as good as it gets. Most of what I have tried in this price range use ic in the signal path...the PS audio does not use op amps at all.

I use an all tube preamp, a tube amp, and the ps audio dac. Absolutely no ic in any of the circuits! The sound is open, organic, warm, and dynamic. If you have a truely high end system set up properly you will hear the difference between this dac and its competition. Best in class.
I think the pressing question is how it compares to the Benchmark DAC1 and the Bel Canto DAC3.