PS Audio Stellar S300 amplifier

Please for who knows, I'd like opinions about this amplifier.
PS Audio Stellar S300 amplifier .

I owned one for about a year before returning to tubed amplification. I bought the Stellar as an experiment. The amp has many fine attributes: very good sound staging and reproduction of detail and dynamics. You can leave it on all the time because it uses so little power in standby and it sounds best when left "always on." It is an astounding value and I never got it to clip. Ultimately, I found the sound to be not my cup of tea. I had run tube amps for many years and missed the organic feel and this really boils down to do you like SS or tube amplification characteristics. The Stellar is a really good amp.
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dweller, I didn't use a tube pre-amp with the Stellar amp. I ran a streamer-dac direct. BTW, new production tubes are so good now I find no need to use NOS and incur that cost anymore.
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I am told the 300 uses different modules than PSA M700s, which in my system sound awesome

A major key repeated in other class D posts is to get their best one needs better cables
It uses the same ICE module in the Emotiva PA-1 monoblocks ($600/pair). I do wish to see measurements of both to see how they compare, as the module isn’t everything (just like two companies using the same ESS/AKM DACs can have vastly different results). 
The M700 measures well (a bit worse than its price dictates), so the S300 should be good too.
I thank very much all opinions but it’s important to me the opinions from who knows the equipment, who have listened, owned or something like this.
Frequently someone ask opinions and many others start to say things that are not definitive or important to someone understand the quality and decide to buy based in these informations.
It’s not a bad criticism but does not always add value to the answers.
lt’s very usual in sites of forum.
I own an S300. Current after Kenwood integrated, Tiger monoblocks, Elite+ 70 watt integrated, Superphon 100 & 200 watt amps. It matches my ESLs the best.