Public access radio is now streaming

Hi all,

Lincoln, Nebraska's public access radio station, KZUM is now streaming online at Blues are played Monday-Thursday 3-6pm, Friday 1-6pm, and Saturday morning 6-9am Central Time. There is no need to download the players that are offered at the site. Winamp does a great job. My guess is that you'll need a fast connection to enjoy this jewel.

We saw Dylan last night with THE BAND in Nampa, Idaho (my home). String Cheese Incident opened and these guys are incredible. Dylan played a number of new tunes with a ZZ Top feel and other new music with a Texas Swing effect. I now have heard the finest rendition of All Along The Watchtower ever with that being his final enocre. Oh yeah, the voice he offered up last night was the gravelly-est ever. The first time he looked at the audience was when he left the stage. He played a saloon type piano all evening, which was very interesting, mixed in with the other band members playing. He did play the harmonica on a number of tunes in the classic Dylan style. His piano playing was surreal since very often it had the effect of an acoustic guitar. What a guy!

Life is good the day after a Dylan concert.

Patrick I haven't seen Dylan for a few years now, but it's always a fun time.

I saw him in 1980 on the first stop of his first tour after Slow Train came out. Half the audience was unhappy for every song he played. If he did one of the "Christian" songs people would boo, give him the finger, or walk out. When he played anything prior to Slow Train the other half would sit on their hands.

The last time I saw him was a few years ago around the time of As Good As I've Been to You. It was a lot different than the 80's show. The band was all black which surprised me, but he did not have any of the great backup singers he'd traveled with previously. It was a very good low-keyed affair.

I wish I could have seen him tour on Oh Mercy, that was a great LP.