Qobuz Customer Service is impossible to reach :(

Has anyone had any problems reaching Qobuz customer service?

I am having buffering problems on Windows 10 - Qobuz App.   It is not my internet, it is not always happening, Roon NUC works fine, I have changed buffering settings, cleared my caches, etc... -- I think the Qobuz App is the problem.

I am unable to stream to my Headphone amp via Qobuz because of this.

The Qobuz website "chat" is just continuously saying 3 hours, 5 hours, Not Seen, etc..  an email to support@qobuz.com has gone unreturned on 3 attempts over the last week.

Looking for a friend.   I love the content on Qobuz - not sure why their app sucks.  It doesn't even give any diagnostic or information on a server connection or similar.

Thanks in advance,



Qobuz CS was terrible.  I had a billing problem when I first signed up.  First I was playing through my computer but then purchased the Bluesound streamer and after registering it on Bluesound I discovered I was being billed twice.  Their response to emails was at best described as “cryptic “ (“We have no record of you in our files”; after sending them pdfs of the credit card bills no response whatsoever).  I had to contact the credit card company to stop being billed at all, then re registered a month later with a different email address, having by then junked the PC for streaming.  After a few years of Qobuz I recently cancelled when I switched to Apple Music and I did the cancellation through the Credit Card company, not wishing to repeat the experience 

Their CS sucks big time. I had a 30-day tried and then extended it, but had to cancel the credit card (due to fraud) that I had used on the account. They sent me a notice that my payment couldn't be processed. Easy-peasy, right? Add a new card in your account. NOPE. There is no way to do that in Qobuz account management, like Tidal has. I spent a MONTH emailing them, tweeting them, posting to their Facebook page etc, before I finally got a non-responsive reply. In French (which I read a bit). Kept trying with no luck. Emailed them and suggested that they should look at Tidal account management to see how easy adding a credit card is. No reply. I finally said to hell with it and kept Tidal (I don't love Tidal's app or the way they push rap music, but since I use Roon mainly, it doesn't matter). Then I saw a Qobuz guy at a Seattle audio show and told him my frustrations, and he basically shrugged. Screw that. I could have started from scratch using a new account with different email address, but why would I?

I just talked to a friend who is having similar problems with them on his new account. I told him to switch to Tidal. 

The French. 

LIke many internet companies, they do not really provide individual service.  sign of the times.

However, I don't believe your problem is qobuz.


Is your headphone setup not connected to your Roon NUC? I never use the Qobuz app at home since Qobuz is integrated into my Roon setup or are you talking about the playing Qobuz through Roon?


What are you talking about? I can login to Qobuz on my browser, click my name in the upper right, drop down to settings. The literal second link under My Account settings is "Change my payment methods".


Re "What are you talking about? I can login to Qobuz on my browser, click my name in the upper right, drop down to settings. The literal second link under My Account settings is "Change my payment methods"

It wasn't like that 8 or 10 months ago when I had this problem. I can assure you as I've used streaming accounts for a long time, and on Tidal it was easy to do as you describe. And it doesn't change the fact that it took them a month for a non-reply. So maybe they finally fixed it. My friend was having another account pairing/setup problem with his Bluesound Node, and they only responded in French! He's bailed and switched to Tidal. That was last week!