Quad L vs. L2 series

Can any speak to the issue of the updated Quad L2 series? I'm thinking about the 21L(2) and just trying to get some overall feelings on the two. I've heard the 21L in the shop and enjoyed it greatly. I've read the lit on the L2 series and it looks nice on paper. I can't find any reviews on them. Has anyone listened to them?
I have the 22L'S in the L2 version. I think they sound very good but a little light in the bottom end. The quality of fit & finish are first rate, beautiful. In fact I have been doing some research in past post on what sub to use for 2 channel listening. The more I search the more confused I become. If you can pick up a pair for a fair price I would. I don't think I would pay retail. There is a pair of 21L first version for $699 listed from Saturday Audio that look nice.
Just got 22L2 last week. Since I'll be moving in about 2 weeks, haven't paid much attention to placement, anchoring or anything yet, but first impressions are good. A terrific looking speaker for sure, with a remarkable finish. Moody so far.....started out wonderful, then seemed boomy bass, then harsh up top, then great and broad range, then less so etc......I'm thinking break in is a factor with these.....I'm going to put them nose to nose tomorrow on a spare amp, one cable out of phase, and let er rip for a couple of days while I'm working.....see if that conditions them. Won't really know how they sound until I get moved in and set up though.
My friends have the 22L (series 1). It is a great speaker for the money. It is light in the bass (recommended to use with a sub), but they are VERY transparent for a dynamic speaker. Makes sense, given that they come from Quad.

At this price point there are going to be comprimises... They are not the most macro-dynamic capable speakers out there, but if you're looking for transparency and musicality, they are a great pick.
I just got a pair of 22L2 also. I can't speak for the first series, but the L2 is not even remotely "light in the bass;" it is tight and authoritative, even pulling on a 50-watt Jolida tube amp. I am still breaking mine in, but so far I must second the comment about the harsh top, although only at high volume. The mids are great, female voices are consistently astounding, but turn it up, at least with my underpowered amp, and the treble starts to wear you out pretty quick. Hopefully they will mellow like cellared Bordeaux, but quicker...
Hello Phook - It's been a while since your reply on this posting and I was wondering if the harsh top lingered on past the run-in or breaking in of the 22L2s ...