Quattro Fil vs Poeima vs Omega Mikro

Has anyone had a chance to compare any of these to each other?
I am using Quatto Fil's, currently, from my phono preamp to my Jadis. But, recently, I tried an old Clearview and was blown away by the clarity, transients and "liveness". However, the sound is unrefined and the harmonics, pinched--especially in the upper registers. Brass sounds like it's being strangled!
Would stepping up to the Omega Mikros bring the musicality back. Or, should I look elsewhere? I've heard good things about the Poeima!!!s. Would that be somewhere in between? Or, I could just go back to my AZ Silver Reference's. Then, again, I've always liked XLO's. . .
I've got Martin Logan Sequel IIs, driven by two mono-ed Sonic Craft-modified amps on the panels and a YBA 2a on the woofers. Thanks.
Hi, I have Omega Mikros through out my all tube system and I think they are the best cables I ever heard. I have the Planar VI interconnects and I think think the Planar v active speaker cables.

I tried one pair of Quattro interconnects and I thought they were too unenvolving and lacked detail and naturalness. I think Omega Mikros may sound best with tubes.

I replaced all of the Quattro's and the Nordost speaker cable with the Ridge Street MSE II. Big improvement for a lot less cash. The P!!!'s are better yet.
Thanks, Charlie and Sbrown, for your responses. I really appreciate your input. Seems like you both agree that I'm on the right track, either way. And, that an improvement over the Quattro Fil's is certainly attainable, if I pursue it.
I'm curious, though, Sbrown, what did you like better about the MSE II's? Do your impressions correspond with Charlie's? To wit, were the Ridge Street's more involving than the Quattro Fil's? Did you feel they possessed more detail? Were they more natural-sounding? And, are you using them with tubes, or, solid-state? Also, is your system analog-based, digital, or, both?
I thought the MSE's were more tonally complete than the Fil's by a fairly large margin. Less grain in the treble also. My system is Quad based with tube electronics and both analogue and digital sources. Put it this way, I got off of the cable upgrade wagon and have stayed of with the MSE's.

All of the improvements the reviews raved about in the Valhalla over Quatro-Fil, I heard simular improvements with the MSE's at a fraction of the cost.