quest for speaker upgrade

good day all, i am looking for advice for my next speaker upgrade  my budget is 20K


i have been exclusivley a 2 way monitor stand mount type of person but would like to make the jump into floor standers


i currently have a few pairs that i swap out occasionally

they are as follows

Diapason Micro's

Totem Model 1's

Salk sound  SSM6


i use a solid state amp from YBA  and i also have an older McCormack DNA 1

i stream  music from Tidal no other source


currently i am looking at these models


Alta Audio Adam


Gershmann 30 anniversery Grand Avant Gard


room size 20 by 20


i would appreciate any other  suggestions  in that price range at this point i am leaning towards the Gerhmann  mainly because they are Canadian and made locally about 30 miles from me


You have some good ones to choose from.  As mentioned I would first decide on the sound profile you desire.  I will call them more resolving / analytical or something less analytical and "musical" in an acoustic insturement sense.  This is probably a poor description.  The Gershmans land in the latter category.  Another possibility may be the Borrresen X series.  By all means listen to them in person to make sure you get the correct flavor for your particular taste.

i think in this price range i will go the dealer route rather than used market, i am comfortable buying used normally and have have no bad experience in the past  but i would limit my exposure to about 3k limit buying used through CAM  at 20K  i think i would feel more comfortable going the bricks and mortar route perhaps  in the demo or trade in  route.

i might ad B& W  to my short list, although i have never given B & W a second look not sure why

I heard the 30 anniversery Grand Avant Gard at the last Toronto audiofest with pass labs electronics. Found them a bit soft, smooth and easy to listen to but if you like that sound then it might be the one for you. I just got JA Perspective2s. These are best I had in my space. Very punchy, dynamic, transparent with a just hint of softness at top. However, you have a big space so might be a better going with a larger speakers like SabrinaX or YG Ascent. More money but will fill your space much nicely.