quest for speaker upgrade

good day all, i am looking for advice for my next speaker upgrade  my budget is 20K


i have been exclusivley a 2 way monitor stand mount type of person but would like to make the jump into floor standers


i currently have a few pairs that i swap out occasionally

they are as follows

Diapason Micro's

Totem Model 1's

Salk sound  SSM6


i use a solid state amp from YBA  and i also have an older McCormack DNA 1

i stream  music from Tidal no other source


currently i am looking at these models


Alta Audio Adam


Gershmann 30 anniversery Grand Avant Gard


room size 20 by 20


i would appreciate any other  suggestions  in that price range at this point i am leaning towards the Gerhmann  mainly because they are Canadian and made locally about 30 miles from me


You’ve got a couple great contenders there IMO.  I got to hear the Grand Avant Gardes at a show in NYC last year (unfortunately can’t recall the associated electronics), and they were outstanding and were in my top 3 at the (albeit relatively limited) show.  I’d also suggest the Joseph Audio Perspective 2s as another excellent option to maybe add to your list, and there’s a near new pair (still in plastic wrap) available now in Our Home and Native Land at a substantial discount in case you’re interested…

I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least bring up these used Pearl 3s as they’re also in your price range and are legit end-game speakers.  They’ve been available for a while so may be negotiable at this point.  To my ears Gershman and JA speakers share many of the same considerable strengths and why I love them both.

Hope this helps, and best of luck in your quest!

yes indeed Joseph audio i forgot to mention is definelty on my short list and luckily there is a dealer in Toronto that carry that line



The Gershmann’s were one of favorite speakers at CAF last fall.

I also think used Revel Salon 2’s (which I own) are a steal for 12k.

they look very different, if that matters.

You will be in for an amazing experience in upgrading to that level of speaker.

Speakers come with sound characteristics that are vastly different. Vastly! So, I recommend not considering anything other than sound quality as a first cut. If at all possible go to a city and listen to some of the major categories of speakers to see what kind of sound they have, and what you are drawn to. That kind of money really is best spent after exhaustive listening.

I would listen to Sonus Faber (musical and natural not un-totem like), B&W (huge punch with a bit of sizzle), Magico (really fast accurate and clean), Wilson (detailed and holographic), Magniplanar (ribbon, really fast and detailed). Each will be supported better by certain kinds of components. So, you are starting in the right place.


But take as much time as you can zeroing in on the sound you want. Your experience with different speakers you have now will be of value.

Another vote for a Canadian made iconic speaker company:  Verity Audio.  I have been enjoying VA Parsifal Ovations since 2010.

Verity Audio speakers are engaging, detailed, effortlessly musical and easy to listen to for long periods without fatigue.

In my second system I have a pair of Joseph Audio Pulsar stand mount speakers and I find them to be warm, detailed and musical.

i thought Verity went out of business?


i might add  Sonus Faber to my short list  i was contemplating Diapason since i already own a pair of their Micro's  but their floor stander is upwards of $80K  way out of my 20K budget

Verity Audio ceased operations in Dec 2023 but there are still some speakers available in the supply chain (dealers, distributors) as well as the used market.

They have a great reputation for reliability, and I would have no hesitation in buying a pair.

You have some good ones to choose from.  As mentioned I would first decide on the sound profile you desire.  I will call them more resolving / analytical or something less analytical and "musical" in an acoustic insturement sense.  This is probably a poor description.  The Gershmans land in the latter category.  Another possibility may be the Borrresen X series.  By all means listen to them in person to make sure you get the correct flavor for your particular taste.

i think in this price range i will go the dealer route rather than used market, i am comfortable buying used normally and have have no bad experience in the past  but i would limit my exposure to about 3k limit buying used through CAM  at 20K  i think i would feel more comfortable going the bricks and mortar route perhaps  in the demo or trade in  route.

i might ad B& W  to my short list, although i have never given B & W a second look not sure why

I heard the 30 anniversery Grand Avant Gard at the last Toronto audiofest with pass labs electronics. Found them a bit soft, smooth and easy to listen to but if you like that sound then it might be the one for you. I just got JA Perspective2s. These are best I had in my space. Very punchy, dynamic, transparent with a just hint of softness at top. However, you have a big space so might be a better going with a larger speakers like SabrinaX or YG Ascent. More money but will fill your space much nicely.