Question about Morrow ICs?

Are there significant differences between the various models MA1-MA6? Thanks!
Given I have never owned Morrow cables I think my opinion will pertain to various cable manufacturers including these....

I believe that the farther up the line you move the "better" things get. Now IMHO there may only be very incremental increases when moving from one model to the next in line (assuming the cable construction is similar ex. maintaining copper conductors but possibly more of them) but you may only find "significant" (and only you can define significant in your own terms) differences when comparing models that are more than 1 model apart. If you compare Morrow MA1 to MA2 there may not be enough of a change for you to acknowledge its worth your while. Now if you compare MA1 to MA4 or higher (and this is just a guess on my part given I have never auditioned this brand) you may have found enough of a difference to be "significant" to you...

Given Morrow has a trial period I would suggest you avail yourself of it or alternatively you can buy a used pair of 2 different Morrow cables and then compare them in your own system and keep whichever ones best suit you.
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I haven't auditioned the MA6 or any cables in the 5 & 6 line. I have level 4s all around. Unlike Tvad, the difference between the 3 & 4 levels was quite pronounced. Considering levels 1-4 I prefer the 4s. Sometime I will get around to trying out the 6s, but it took a long time to properly get the 4s settled into my system. I really like them. If you are wondering where to start (and perhaps end up), I'd recommend the 4s, but be prepared for a long break in (even when you use Mike's breakin service) and settling in process. I'd seriously estimate hundreds of hours, but the wait is worth it. These cables not only solved many problems with one system, they also brought a very rewarding musicality to my systems. Mike Morrow is a great guy to work with. I'd discuss any and all of your thoughts and concerns with him when you choose to make your selection and purchase.

I have about 200hrs on a pair of MA-1's to see if I like the IC's as much as I love my SP-3 bi-wire, so far they are besting my AQ Columbia in ways I like.What are the major differences between the MA-1 and say the MA3 or mabe the MA4's are is it only subtle? thanks
I have only used the 4's in interconnects and speaker cables. I have to say I am very happy with them. They are clearly better than other cables I have used and have no plans to change. As others have said, the long trial and return period, makes them a bit of a no brainer.
I have the Dig1 digital cables.
I am on the fence trying to decide if getting the Dig4 would make that much difference.
After all, the cables internally are the same, just 4 hot leads compared to just one.
Does that really matter with a digital cable?
Most digital cables have only one hot conductor.
I'm burning in a pair of MA1s now. I have about 100 hours on them. So far, nothing special. I acknowledge a bias in that, visually, they are the flimsiest looking cable I've ever seen. It may be impacting my impression.

In my system I found happiness with the MA-2 IC's with Eichman bullets. The system I used them in can be a bit forward in the midrange, and the MA-3's and 4's accentuated that too much. I found the MA-2's to be more delicate sounding, quiet and relaxing. Their midrange resolution was quite stunning, and the tone I'm getting is just awesome.
I should also have noted that the MA-3's had bass that was more powerful and defined than any interconnect that I've had in my system. The MA-2's are not that way, excelling in other areas.
Narrod, I also have a MA1 and it took a long time to break in.
When it does it may surprise you.
Just pulled the trigger on a pair of MA2's, the sound from the MA1's have more than convinced me,I could really live with them and be happy, the tones and musical timming are more than compotent. all there! Bass weight is present if not more than my AQ's and timber midrange detail and smoothness and beautiful highs, still can't get over the size, I shake my head as I walk past the wonderful music it's making, but in the end I just smile! and still needs 60hrs to reach 300hrs.
Jdub39... and it just gets better. Don't forget to allow your cables time to "rest" (off). I know it sounds totally kooky but over time, with rest periods and long periods of listening, the cables get better and better. I predict that sometime in the future (maybe 90 days or so, and a few hundred more hours) you'll turn on your system to play some favorite and you will be absolutely astonished as to the "jump" in quality. My theory is that both the cables and the components need time to "settle in" to each other. It's a "shaping process." Whatever it is, I predict that you will be listening and either say out loud OMG or WTF or both... and you'll know you have arrived at the best your level of Morrow cables can present. Yeah, I know how "new agey" this sounds, but keep an open mind, you might be surprised... Let me know when/if that happens to you,

:) listening,

Not kooky at all metals must pluse and contract heat and cool sounds like good science to me,every 12 hrs I shut it down for 30 min, I'm close to 250 hrs on the MA1's only bad part is the MA2's will be hear next week and back to point A for me! My SP3's have been in my system for a year now and I remember the day they snapped in to focus and knew I had arrived with banners and the works saying welcome to the highend, now with the introduction of the IC's I'm soaring, I'll keep you posted.
I went for an MA1 special because for the price I figured what do I have to lose. I followed the proper burn in and they now have several hundred hours on them. They are between my dac and preamp. PRAT (pace,rhythm,attack,timing) are all as good or better than anything I have had . I find them to be very neutral as well. There are some things that other cables I own do better, but they all cost more (at retail). I can only imagine what the cables up the line will do. Mike Morrow is a very nice guy to talk with. With his 60 day money back guarantee you cannot go wrong giving them a try. I think he is on to something .
Your right , He is on to something as I to tried the special on the MA1 just to see if the IC's are as good as the SP3 bi-wire I purcashed last year.They ended up moving my AQ Columbia to other duties, the real kicker was when Mike offered the MA2 for 99.00 bucks and low and be hold all the places I thought the MA1 could be better was manifestied in the MA2 and that's with only 300hrs on them, it took 370hrs for the MA1 took shine. The next sale he has I'll try the MA3 but think the MA2 fills the bill they IMOP do everything right!
I upgraded from the MA1s to the MA3s. The MA1s really impressed me, giving me "some" things my very expensive esoteric cables did not. I went through the proper burn in process(400 hours)and have been listening to a lot of familiar music. I use the interconnects between my dac and pre. I can honestly say I am blown away at the improved dynamic, powerful and 3 dimensional presentation I am hearing. I am hearing nuances and finer details I have never heard before. These have bettered anything I have owned prior. Money prevents me at this time to go further(MA4 or above). I would not dare to put my other cables on the used market at this point. I feel I would be ripping the buyer off when a pair of MA3s(or higher) are available from Mike. I am telling you all, give them a try. Mike gives you plenty of time to burn them in with a full money back guarantee(less the $10 shipping).
Hi Mrdecibel,

I agree with your assessments about the Morrows. The series 3 are very good but 4s are very sweet and again the price to performance is remarkable.

:) listening,

I wanted the 4s but mortgage payments and other essentials allowed me to only get the 3s. At this time, the 3s have given me a coherence to my system I had no idea I was missing. They have blown away all others I have had or have tried. Tonally, they are very neutral. Dynamically, I am finding I am listening at a lower volume setting on the pre. I cannot say enough about Mike Morrow's interconnect design.....mrdecibel
I went from the SP-3's to the SP-4 speaker and MA-4 interconnect cables throughout my system. My interconnects are fitted with the Eichmann silver bullets and I opted for Mike's burn-in service which is highly recommended. The 4's have transformed my system into creating a very musical and natural performance I was not getting previously on my other "high-end" cables. For me, Morrow cables are the end of the search for the best cables at a reasonable price.
Hiendmuse... I couldn't agree more. Quite remarkable in every respect, particular in the configuration and arrangements you describe regarding your order. My opinion is that they keep getting better and better over time. The power cables are outstanding.

:) listening,

I have to say the MA3's have brought the level of my system up another notch. At this time I am not thinking of moving up...I am enjoying...........
More about the MA3s. As I listen to recording after recording, I am finding dynamic shadings come forth like never before, as well as the playing intensities of the musicians. What I am talking about is a window that has opened up allowing me to hear more of what the musicians are doing, which to me is what it is all about. These multiple runs of tiny thin wire, as used by Morrow Audio, has done to my system what one might think an amplifier change might do. Being part of this industry for many years, as well as an avid music listener, I am blown away. I am also happy to say that my associated equipment is better than I had thought as well. These cables are so neutral, it allows other things to show through. Thank you, Mrdecibel....
I have been on an audio hiatus for a year. I've been hearing so much about the Morrow cables I had to jump back in. Purchased burned in MA1's and MA2 interconnects. I agree they do clean up the treble and are more detailed in the mids. Vocals sound really good showing off what my tubed pre and amp can do. My question is if the bass will catch up sometime? My current cables are Audience AU 24's. The AU's don't have the mids and high's of the Morrow's but their bass is just so tuneful,hefty and real. If the I could have Morrow mids and highs and Au 24 bass I'd be close to perfection.

My speaker cable is Straley Reality and powercords are Tel-Wire and Lessloss. Has anyone compared the Morrow cables to these cables/cords?

The Morrow cables need 400 hours of burn in, so unless you have that many, do not expect the bass to be fully open. There is no "overhang" with the Morrows. Music starts and stops on a dime(MA2s are much better than the 1s). The Morrows are very see through, and I hope they are not showing weaknesses elsewhere in your system....
As my MA2's have accumulated more hours, the bass has filled in somewhat. I think they are great. I just revel in what they do so well, without paining over what they won't.
Hello all!
On my cables, the bass is one of the last things to come in during breakin.

One thing that I feel needs discussing... If a person had been using stranded cables in their system, they need to understand that the bass that they have been listening to was probably bloated and smeared.

Stranded wire will do this to the bass,causing a less tuneful bass and an appearence of more bass. Putting my cables in the system removes these distortions, making a more tuneful, fast and pitch defined bass.

A person no longer hearing the bloated and smeared bass, one might feel that there is "less" bass, which is not the case. One soon gets use to this and finds that they are enjoying their music more and more with accurate and correct bass.
Hi all. Mike Morrow is correct in his statement above. My MA3s(and MA1s in another system)offer a quick, detailed and extended bass that I have never experienced before with all the cables I have listened to throughout my years. However, it is not just the bass. These cables are truly "not there". My MA3s have elevated my system to a point that leaves me wondering what was all that smearing I was hearing prior to this change. I cannot stress, again, how important the long break in time is on these cables. I also promise to all that I am not a dealer for Morrow(although I would be pleased to be). Take advantage of his 60 day money back guarantee and have an opportunity to really listen to your system for(at least for me)the 1st time. Thank you, Mrdecibel...
Reviving an old thread with a question. Getting ready to install my MA2's that arrived today w 5 day burn in. The website and the paperwork with the cables states that their cables are designed not to be moved after install and that it may take a day or two to settle back in if you do.

I have my tube amp in a cabinet and I slide it out about 10 inches when I listen so it is uncovered for cooling purposes. I almost didn't order these but the gentleman I spoke with said that would not be a problem. Would like to hear some opinions on whether moving a cable can throw off the sound?

I was expecting something more plain Jane but these are really custom looking. I'm excited to see how they sound.
If you can hear a difference and prove it in a blind set up I will donate $1
million dollars to your favourite charity.

Just enjoy the cables and try not to be an anal audiophile. Enjoy your music
and be content that you can afford a nice music playing system.

P.s. I own both MA2, MA4 and SP4 cables.
Tom that was my initial impression, that it would not make a difference. Never heard that moving a cable could change the way a system sounds.

I asked because the specifically state the cables should not be moved and that it may take 1-2 days for the sound to return to what it was. Wanted to hear opinions on that.
Hi Bajaed

I own various Morrow Audio ICs ranging from the 1.1 model to the MA2 level. IMO the reason why I think Morrow says they should not be moved around so much is these ICs seem more delicate than the other cables I've owned in the past. If you yank them around roughly I think they could get damaged impacting the sound. Again this is just my opinion.

I've used the Morrow Audio cables with a Jolida JD-502P KT-88/KT-120 tube amp or Hafler 9505 solid state amp and have never had any problems sound wise.
I have two pair of the MA2's in use. I have moved them several times and not had an issue with settling back in, though I believe they are very light gauge solid core wire and I'd be careful not to crimp or stress them.
For the record I really like what the MA2's do for my musical enjoyment.

As to the general issue of moving cables affecting the sound of some of them I have alot of experience with a pair of Mapleshade speaker cables. It absolutely does affect the sonics each time I press them into use after uncoiling from storage. They would sound rather aweful for a few days, analytical and bright. When they mellow a bit again they are amazing.
I have had the same experience with speaker cables and ICs that have been run in, taken out-and put back in - whether they are Morrow or something else. It seems to take at least 2 or more days before they sound like they did before.