Question Focal Sopra2 pricing $5k increase yo $19 kin 5 years, vs Wilson Sabrina X,

I have a valid question hopefully someone can help me out as I was considering buying them 
they sound very good , but in 2016 review they were $14k  ,
I see them advertised for $19k thats a Huge increase in 5 years a $5k increase .
I could see if the speaker was redesigned . I was also considering the Wilson  Sabrina X , which was improved a lot and only went up $2k to $19 k
Any help or opinions would be most welcome Thank you.
Didn't we just have this discussion? You should see what's happening to gas. That's a needed commodity. Or food...the same. Are you as upset about that? It effects us all?
Where have you been Audioman58? This was just discussed to the point of boredom on another thread.
i thought this looked familiar...I've always assumed prices are decided by research telling what price will generate the largest profit...
Thanks , I feel over a 25% risen 5 years  is Waay to much IMO  ,I guess used I may buy one , that being said has the Sopra 2, or 3 been upgraded in 5 years ?
it does-not seem so.
Not sure why you are dredging up any and all Focal threads to complain.  Show me on the doll where the Focal speaker hurt you…..
Real (not reported) inflation this year has been massive, as has the increase in shipping costs. Given that, I think that this price increase is not out of line at all.

I’m on my 2nd pair of Focal speakers (I recently moved on from the excellent Electra 1038Be to the Sopra 3). What I do love about them (at least here in North America) is the quality of customer service that the distributor (I think it is Focal Naim America) provides. I needed tweeter covers for my 1038Be and now a replacement tweeter for my Sopra 3. They were very quick to respond to my query and great in communication. They know how to retain customers - that is part of the reason why I stuck to Focal when I upgrade from the 1038Be and probably shall continue to do so if I ever upgrade again.