Raidho speaker owners, what solid state amplifier do you use?

There seems to be consensus SS amps in general are better match for Raidho speakers than tube amps. I'm using 200 watt Bob Carver tube monoblock amps with my D2 to great effect, but I'm interested in getting a SS amp (less than 8k new or used).  The Soluution, Constellation, etc are way too overpriced IMO.  Any experiences with less costly offerings?  I am looking into the new Yamaha top of the line integrated, AS3000, which is 7k retail.  It's rated 100 watt at 8 ohm and 150 at 4 ohms and is built like a tank with substantial power supply (over 50 lbs).  This is the way Yamaha used to build their top amps decades ago before they went cheap mass market. 
I had the Octave V110  before getting the Aavik U300. The Octave really held it's own until pushed to the max. Mids and highs would get louder but the lows stayed the same. BTW what tubes are you using in the Carver? I hated the TS KT120's but never tried the KT150's. I used the Ei KT90 type II with great success (except the lows petering out at max spl's). I've always loved Burmester with Raidho. Naim is very good too. Sim Audio would be pretty good IMO. One thing I found over the years is an amp upgrade has more of an impact when the speakers are better quality. That said the Aavik has a hair more control of the music. Not earth shattering but a bit better.

So I hear you're getting the D2.1 upgrade. I haven't decided yet. Tyler is going to let me break in his D2.1's in my home when they arrive. I have a gut feeling he won't get them back after hearing the D1.1's at Axpona. I did own the D1's for about a year before upgrading to the D2. If you didn't get the D2.1's back yet I personally would wait. I will admit I miss the Octave but mostly only in the winter months. I rarely play that loud where the lows are petering out. The .1 upgrade will have a louder/faster sound by itself.

Have you tried any Ansuz products specifically the Mainz D8 and power cords? To me they don't change the tonality at all but add a more holographic sound stage. Speaker cables and interconnects do the same.
Hi thanks for the response. I'm waiting on the D2.1. Suppose to come near end of June.

I'm using Golden Lion KT88 reissue with GL signal tubes in my Carver.  It has great midrange, excellent bass extension/dynamics, and smooth high frequency.  The amp doesn't run out of steam with the D2, rather the other way around.  It's the most versatile tube amp I've ever owned.

The Aavik is out of my price range, as are Burnester and probably Sim Audio.  I've looked into NAIM, but my past experience with NAIM showed me a colored sound, albeit very involving in the midrange and bass with the famous or infamous NAIM PRaT.

I have not not tried the Ansuz products, which are probably way out of my price range. Sorry, I just don't believe in spending thousands on cabling.
Flat and high damping factor (i.e., no bass accentuation). If Kiwi is around he might chime-in as the resident D2 guru.
At the recent audio paloozas attended, they were paired with either
(A)  Jeff Rowland Continuum S2 integrated amp and with Transparent cabling, or, 
(B) BEL CANTO amps.

If you have $50K, they sounded pretty awesome w top of line VAC tube amps in NYC a couple of years ago.
Jeff Rowland - How could I have forgotten that one. Duh - A lot like the Aavik. Are you just tired of tubes - the heat and maintenance? The GL reissue is a OK tube with Raidho IMO (I still have them and many others). Original Gold Lions/GEC/Marconi  are a lot better with the D2's along with Ei KT90's.  EAT KT88 Diamonds are also very good but extra pricey and were not too reliable in the Octave. SED 6550's aren't all that bad either. SED KT88's are a bit warmer and IMO too warm for Raidho D series.
Thanks for reminding me of the Rowland.  I'll have to check it out.  There seems to be some consensus that Raidho's like Class D amps with very high dampening factor.

Yes, tubes can be annoying.  But in my Carver, each KT88 output tube idle around 10 to 15 watts depending on the bias setting, so they're only warm to the touch.  My previous Shuguang KT88s were running strong even after 4 years, before I replace them with the GLs to get a different flavor of sound.  So tube maintenance is not an issue for me with the Carvers.  One thing I don't like about tubes is their high cost, especially if you have to buy 12 output tubes (in the Carver amp).

I think the sound of an output tube is more dependent on the amplifier circuitry and speaker it is used in, than the actual brand or type.  IMO, this is why there are varying opinions on the sound of a particular brand or type of output tube. I've heard some describe the reissue GL KT88 as very warm and lush in the midrange and adequate in the bass. It doesn't sound like that in my system (slightly warm in the midrange with slamin bass in my system), but it may in your system. 
If they like current and high dampening consider Hegel 360 or the higher end Hegel separates. They step up to great speakers generally although I have no first hand knowledge of how they play with radho. You have some great options out there keep us posted. 
Sckoczylas, I heard the Raidho D1 with the Hegel monoblocks.  They are not a good match IMO.  Sound was slow and ponderous and not transparent.  Thanks for your input.
"Thanks for reminding me of the Rowland. I'll have to check it out. There seems to be some consensus that Raidho's like Class D amps with very high dampening factor".

If this is true regarding Raidho (I have only heard the D1's at shows- very impressed), the Rowland M312 would seem to be a good match. It drives my Avalon Indra's superbly. Draws little energy in standby mode and remains cool to touch..not with my hands.
Lars K from Raidho had JR for his amp(s) before the Aavik was released. Raidho also used a lot of Rowland amps in their shows (again pre Aavik). Other Raidho owners from AS who had Pass Labs thought they slow sounding too and replaced them. Pass makes a great amp but not a real good match for the Ho's. Tyler will be getting the Aavik pre/pro which is class A. It will be interesting to hear the difference between the class A and D Aavik.
I remember now. I did hear JR gear with the C1.1 several years ago. It sounded smooth and nonfatiguing but was also a little dry sounding. Overall a good match, but I like the luscious wet sound some tube amps can produce. 
Lars Kristensen has spoken warmly of the Naim Nait being a lovely match with the Raidho's. 
Hi Phusis, I believe Michael Borrenson, designer of Rhaido speakers, used the NAIM Nait before moving on to ultra expensive Soluution gear.  I've also heard from a Raidho dealer who really likes the Supernait with Raidho.
I have a Chord SPM600 (and Chord pre) with my D3s and it's a terrific match IMHO. The Chord drives the D3s with ease and clarity. However, I desperately need to upgrade the power and cabling, which is next on the "hit list". I hear good things about Mainz D so I might go for that. However I am skeptical about paying a large sum for a wall power cable as I have just installed a dedicated power circuit - but I'm open. While I have heard (and loved) the Aavik U300, my Chord should probably last for some time, I hope.
@chronoglidesky - The Ansuz MainzD8 is quite amazing. I have a Ceramic pc going from the Mainz to my Aavik U300. I just recently upgraded the Ceramic from the wall to the Mainz to the D-TC pc. Quite amazing. Like I mentioned above the Ansuz cables doesn't change the tonality but adds a more holographic sound stage. But I will admit the D-TC opens up the sound a lot more almost like turning up the volume with greater clarity. But it does come with a pretty hefty price. Honestly if you have a chance to listen to the Ansuz products do it. Lars and Mike recommend the best pc you can afford to go from the wall to the MainzD8. I can hear why. Secondary power cords-interconnects and speaker cables will make a difference but not as dramatic. 
Thanks xti16. I'm new to the Raidho family[*] and interested to read any opinions on how to extract the most from these beauties. MainzD8 would be a good step.
I heard the Aavik (at Axpona) and was very impressed indeed, especially when compared to the other "big box" amps that were littered throughout the show (often 4x larger in size). I look forward to seeing other members' comments on this amp, especially how the phono stage fares when compared to, say, a Sutherland or other such fine units.

[*] FYI: My mind was set on Wilson Alexia's - but I changed it after Axpona. The D1s, while smaller, "hit the spot" and it was obvious that the bigger D-series would just deliver - big time.
My first Raidho's were the D1's driven with an Octave V110 tube integrated with a black box. The Octave sounded great with the right tubes. But before the D1's I had Dyn C1 sigs which had deeper lows. I thought I could blend in my Rel B3 but it didn't work out too well for me. Later I finally upgraded the D1's to D2's. No need for a sub anymore. But if you pushed the volume to the max the tubes ran out of steam especially in the lows. So I got the Aavik that was used at the 2015 Axpona show along with the MainzD8 and 2 ceramic power cords. I'm using the built in Dac and it sounds better than the Naim Dac and XP5SX p/s. I don't use the phono stage because I don't have a pottery wheel. Now I am waiting to hear the D2 vs D2.1 before deciding if I'm going to upgrade. The problem with Axpona this year even though they had D1.1's this year they had a full D-TC cable loom and and I know that affects the sound in a great way. So I can't really say how much better the D1.1 is ever after owning the originals. That D-TC loom 'retails' north of 100K not to mention the isolation discs - cable lifters - rack and Sparkz harmonizers.

Now when I first had the D1's and D2's I had the speakers 7 1/2ft apart toed in pointing to my shoulders. When I got longer speaker cables I was able to get them 9' apart. What a difference. 
Thanks for the comment. It seems to be an interesting "leap" from tubes to Aavik. Would you say the Aavik is comparable to tubes (musicality) but with the response and timing of SS?
Yes, the cabling in Raidho's Axpona room was impressive - I would love to hear the same demos over again, but with lesser cabling.
Honestly the Octave has everything the Aavik has to offer up to around 85-90db. But for the extremely rare times I listen over 90db the Octave just didn't cut it. Also I was able to eliminate 4 boxes (with cables) and replace it with one. Oh and the heat from the tubes was great in the winter months but made my A/C run a lot harder in the summer.

BTW are you in the Chicago area?
I'm in Boston. Waited for 2 hours in TSA line at airport, nearly turned back but glad I stuck it out. I hope more reviewers write about Aavik / D3 etc. This forum is one few places where this range of products is covered reasonably well.
If you like the sound of tubes, I feel choice is limited with the Raidhos. Most tube amps seem to be slow and bloated and dynamically restricted when you push the amp hard with Raidhos.  Imo, the only tube amp that whips the Raidho into shape is Bob Carver Mono block amp, provided you have a preamp that has a lot of drive and dynamics. I've found the Carvers to be chameleon like revealing your source's and preamp's capabilities. You'll get the dimensionality, midrange glow, and naturalness good tube amps are known for with the dynamic drive and bass extension you'd expect from a solid state amp.  I'm so enthralled, I'm getting Bob's 900 watt 4 chassis silver 7 tube amp to see what Raidhos can truly do.  I started this thread to see what all the fuss was about Raidhos and SS and digital amps. But more I think about it and read people's comments, I don't really feel the need to go SS  or digital.
IMHO: On balance, a really well-matched SS is my preference because (and this opinion is liable to be wrong) ... because the "gap" between tube and SS seems to be narrowing.
The Aavik was as "musical" as most amps I have heard. Certainly "musical" enough for my tastes, but that doesn't count for much.
What surprises me a little is the lack of any comment on D'Agostino Momentum's here. I have heard these several times, but not with Raidho, I wonder what that combo would be like? While Momentums look terrific, I suspect I would put my hard-earned $'s on an Aavik or an upgrade on the Chord's, which currently do a terrific job for me, even a humble little SPM600 which I have.
I have just played Black Sabbath's "Paranoid" LP (quite loud). My little D3-Chord combo genuinely worked to me: the pace, the separation, the performance (especially the drumming), the staging and quality of everything shone out as never before. It was like listening to this classic for the first time :-) ... this is really what it's all about. Next stop: Beethoven quartets.
Based a comments from a very well known designer of amplifiers, the Momentum chassis is pure audio jewelry, but there's nothing special about the circuitry. As for sound, I've heard varying opinions. I hope someone can chime in.  
I really like reading about the technical details of the Dx.1 series design, but I start to fall asleep when anyone starts talk about cables. Like I said, I don't get any pleasure out of reading about cables costing more than automobiles. Audiophile cables are the most hyped, most overpriced component not just in high end audio but in all of consumer goods. Anyone with a high school diploma can make cables and charge silly money for them. I'm not criticizing Ansuz specifically, but audiophile cables in general. 
I can't disagree with you regarding cables for the most part but I will be the first to say cables should be the last thing you do once your system is finalized. Cables can squeeze the last bit of 'best' sound quality out of your system. That said cables can be very system dependent which is why I mentioned once your system is finalized. Honestly with the right set of cables they can bring your system up an entire level.
No bad. Although I didn't hear 2.1's with the 440 I did hear it with the XT3's. Then we dropped in the Aavik U300 and the U300 had much better control of the music. That said we did use the U300's internal dac when we switched over.