Rarest Brands for Sale on 'Gon

Some of these brands rarely appear here. Maybe the customers are satisfied for life?
- Boulder (I only saw at most 5 times)
- Rockport (saw a Sirius TT once, the gigantic speakers once)
- Walker
- Spectral (okay, maybe this is not so rare...)

Odd, that does not look at all like the Wavestream Kinetics V-8 Power Amplifier, did I miss an entire topic or thread ?
Regarding the Wavestream V8. I just had an opportunity to hear one (er...actually two - monoblocks) this week driving a pair of Avalon Eidolon (sp?) Diamonds at The Analog Room in San Jose.

Holy Cripes!

You see their A21 Integrated once in a while but their other equipment rarly comes up.