What are the "new" brands in amps and pre-amps

everybody know's brands like: Krell, Pass Labs, Mark Levinson,Classe, Halcro etc. What are the new brands which also can give a very musical sound and a holographic 3d image?
nCore is getting some good reviews. And there are a bunch of ICE-powered designs that are gaining traction. It is a *very* good time for high-quality, real-world pricing on all sorts of gear...

For preamps this is a new company to me.

Purity Audio Design

I drool over the Purity Statement Series II preamp. If only I had the $$$.
I have Densen electronics...although not new, relatively unknown is the US.
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"What are the new brands which also can give a very musical sound and a holographic 3d image?"

I'm not so sure its a good idea to go about looking for equipment just by picking "new" companies. I think that there's something to be said for a company that is successful enough to become an old. also, old companies make new models.

I'll meet you half way. Based on the sonic qualities asked for in the above quote, I recommend a middle aged company. Ayre.
My vote for new brand would Mystere. I have a Mystere CA11 tube preamp. Couldn't be happier. I traded in my Primaluna preamp for the Mystere. Very nice tube preamp. I highly recommend Mystere to those individuals looking for quality sound, robust build, and affordability. The warranty is also above industry standard in the price class.
Stereophile is doing a decent job of covering CES and you can read a little about several new companies, as well as several old companies that have resurfaced with different names...like Edge. I don't recall the new name for the guys that developed the Edge gear, but they have lowered their prices a lot, yet still pack them full of audio quality.
Wyred 4 Sound has some excellent amplifiers, integrateds and preamps at very reasonable prices. You should go to their website and have a look. I've been using their STI-500 integrated high-power amp for over 3 years now and I'm still impressed with the quality of its power and musical performance.
There are many that deserve an audition. In amps Nuforce, Channel islands, and Hegel. In preamps Audio Horizons and TRL Dude
I'll add a few that have come up on my radar in the past year. Devialet*, Heed, Hegel*, Sroll, Shindo, Jungson*, Octave*, Micromega*, Music Culture Technology.

*I have listened to these and I thought that they were very good.
Rogers amps, reading up on them. Tube based unit. They have a lifetime warranty, which is transferable as well. Made here in the USA as well.

When I recover from my kids being in school...I can't wait.
This year, just as my three daughters all finished college, they each became engaged - three weddings in one year! If you can swing it, don't wait to get yourself a goodie or two along the way!
Gammajo, congratulations but OOouch. Not a new name but a new team manufacturing a somewhat new design to an old technology. Maybe its because I listened to Marantz 8B's long ago but I'm loving my Carver VTA 180's.
No tube, not that I don't like it. But I prefer solid state. And yes I am looking for new brands which are quite new in business. In America there are many brands you do not see in Europe. I know there are always new brands which are very promising. Thanks a lot for all the info.
Wells Audio is about as new as you can get. Doug Schroeder at Dagogo wet his pants over the amps.
Not a new brand but not that well known and quite small I am a huge fan of Deja Vu Audio amps and preamps. Great gear and super cool people they should be better known.
Love my Mystere CA-21 tube preamp, very musical, natural, deep and wide soundstage.
I know this thread is old now, but I want to second the vote for Wells Audio. I tried the Innamorata amplifier in my home and compared it directly against two conrad johnson amps and a Marantz amp. All three were at one time or another highly recommended by Stereophile etc. The Wells was substantially better. More micro detail, quieter, more dynamics, better bass yet smooth highs. I was sold. I bought two and use them in a veritcal biamp set up. At $6k retail, I think this amp is fantastic.

They are not really new, have been around for many years but are still relatively unknown is Bakoon Products. Amazing sounding solid state amps that are quite beguiling. They sound so right. The little 15 watt integrated drives my Tannoys really well but also my Gale 401a's very nicely, to relatively moderate levels.
Cheers Dave.
@ ohlala, I have known about the Bully sound company for some time now,, I have never heard them!,, can you elaborate more on these amps and describe there sound? thankyou, Happy listening!
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Forgive me. I didn't understand the term "new". I thought he
meant that, perhaps, he'd never used before. Try Doshi.
Not sure where to draw the line between new and old, so I just list the ones I have heard that do that particularly well.

Audio Research, Bel Canto, mhdt, Dynaudio, Triangle, OHM, mbl, Magico, DCS, PSB, Daedalus, Rockport, Totem, Tidal, Cathedral, Classic Audio Reproductions, Atmasphere, Nola, Magnepan, Rogue, Vandersteen, Goldenear, Krell, Classe, Martin Logan.

These are the ones I have heard that stood out. SO many other good ones.....setup and synergy is always a key.
Burson audio has some time on the market..their creations have been improving over the years.
Hi Bol1972,

In your opinion, what will be the best for Monitor Audio PL300 (listen at low/mid levels)... Pass Int30A or Primare A32 + PRE30?

I have this two options at same price.

The Pass Int30A would be a better match for the Pl-200. But....for the Pl-300 the A32 will be a much better advice. Why? Very simple, it gives you much more control and drive. This is the funpart of the Pl-300. Don't forget that the Pl-200 3 years later came on the market. Exept the drive the Pl-200 is far superior over the Pl-300. I sold mine and many of my clients their Pl-300. They now play with Pl-200 and a subwoofer. This outperforms the Pl-300 with a subwoofer with ease!
For amps I have no plans to add. I think I will add Sonus Faber to the products I sell. I prefer to work with only a few brands. I have a lot of audio lovers as clients. But I am preparing to do projects as well for houses and yachts.