Raven Audio SC

I received my pair of these speaker cables today and they’re a lot better than I expected. Very neutral and lots of detail, good decay, good bass detail (more mid-bass/bass detail than my AE NV-SP9s tbh), a little blooming but they’ve only been running for a few hours. 

Out of curiosity, has anyone else tried these and been disappointed or liked another brand’s sc better that they’d recommend? Let’s say nothing past $1500. 

I received a pair of Raven speaker cables and interconnects about six weeks ago. I find them to be an excellent value at their price point and I would recommend them to anyone that is looking to spend within Raven's price point (under $300). Looks like they are having a sale now along with free shipping. You can always find a product that's going to sound better but honestly, Raven's speaker cables and interconnects compete with products costing five times more, and the build and workmanship are excellent.
Hearing from a few people who've been able to audition Raven vs. Audio Envy would be very interesting.
I definitely like audio envy sp9s, but for my taste found them a bit lacking in bass/bass details. Great highs and mids though - I think they’re solid. 
Raven soniquils seem to also be a neutral and quiet cable but able to retrieve more detail across the spectrum. In my opinion. 

I’ve got a long list of cables to try from Silnote, Tellurium, Wire World, anti-cables, and Audio Art so if anyone else has opinions of how the Ravens have stacked up to their other cables, I’m all ears.
I’ve been thinking about giving these a try. One consideration is that they are “4-Solid Core 18 Gauge Wires per Conductor,” so this is a move to solid core as well. But is 4 per conductor a true solid core construction or more of a multi-stranded hybrid? 
@cd45123, you might want to take a look and listen to the new: FIDELIUM CABLES



Derived exclusively from electro-magnetic wave equations, Silversmith Audio's FIDELIUM speaker cables reflect our design philosophy in its purest form: A single, ultra-thin ribbon conductor per polarity; seamless from end to end and without traditional, sound-degrading soldered, welded, or crimped connectors; and individually laminated in an extremely thin, yet rugged, polyimide film in order to achieve a geometry with a primarily air dielectric.

AN EVOLUTIONARY BREAKTHROUGH!  The skin-effect characteristics of our state-of-the-art FIDELIUM alloy are up to 33 times superior to those of copper or silver.  The FIDELIUM speaker cable, already at less than a thousandth of an inch thick, performs as if it were 5.5 times thinner, thus experiencing less frequency dependent attenuation and phase distortion than even a .00018 inch thick copper or silver ribbon or 64 gauge wire.  

A REVOLUTIONARY CHANGE! Geometry and alloy advancements contribute to the new FIDELIUM cable’s 330% performance improvement over our previous top-of-the-line PALLADIUM, yet FIDELIUM is only 1/10 the price. It is also less than half the price of our original SILVER speaker cable line. A complete stereo set of FIDELIUM speaker cable is available in lengths and prices from 4ft at $795 to 10ft at $1395.

Each FIDELIUM cable is 2.25 inches wide. The conductive surface is a .75 inch square with a .25 inch wide notch compatible with most binding posts.

FIDELIUM RCA and XLR interconnect cables are also planned.

Hi Lak,

I appreciate the call out for Silversmith. I actually bought Jeff’s cables a couple months ago. They’re fantastic!

I’ve become a bit of a cable collector as it were. 
The Fidelium do things in the bass that I’ve never heard before- lots of detail, layers of bass and a decay of string instruments and piano that is really one of a kind from my limited cable listening.

Raven has more glistening highs and a strong bass response. From my listening, if you have a pair of stand mounts in a small room, these would almost eliminate the need for a sub. Please don’t misunderstand me on that, it’s just extremely solid bass, more emphasis than normal but it’s enjoyable for me.

 If I go back to The Sound Advocate review of Fidelium it’s a very unique conveying of bass.  It’s absurdly even across the spectrum. These are really special cables. 
I also have a very modest system. Jeff’s cables are around as much as I want to spend. My amp and speakers are very resolving to recording quality, but I don’t really have the need or the funds for that matter to get the higher end cables from Shunyata, Cardas, Kimber, Purist, Transparent etc etc, so if Fidelium is competitive with those, I’ll have to take the different reviewers’ word.

Raven though has really surprised me. A 2 meter pair for less than $200 and just beating some cables I’ve had that are 2-3 times more expensive and well regarded.

There’s others that I haven’t heard like Black Cat, Sound String, or Dynamique that are supposed to also punch way above their weight, but Raven was pretty easy to access and so cheap that I didn’t even need to think about budgeting for it.
Just saw your post and was curious if you are still happy with your Soniquil cables?  I currently have Audioquest speaker cables, and had been considering AE cables. I have a Raven amp I love. If their cables offer as much bang for the buck as their amps do, I'm interested!
It’s very good bang for the buck. I’ve found that the synergy with their power cable really offers great separation and fills in the mid range since the bass is more dominant with just the SC alone.

I'm using the Soniquil power cord with my Blackhawk amp and agree that the synergy is quite good. I also have Audio Envy Mega 3 power cord in the other system with Luxman 590AXII, the performance of AE Mega 3 is off the charts.
I replaced the stock power cord on a Rogue Sphinx with the Soniquil cord that came with my Blackhawk, and did hear an improvement.  I don't feel my Audioquest Rocket 11 speaker cables are deficient, just wondering how much audible improvement I might get for not much more money with other cables. Several under consideration are Sonquil, Audio Envy, and Transparent Audio.  What speaker cables are you using arafiq?
I bought these cables on the recommendation of a friend and love them. Using interconnects, XLR, speaker and power throughout my system that is all Moon by Simaudio Components. 
Next is to re wire the other 4 systems in the house. Better jump on that sale eh. 
You won't find a better bang for the buck on either the Speakers cables or interconnects.  However, like everything there are better and it is all personal taste.