Ray Brown, Monty Alexander, Russell Malone CD

Hi everyone!

Just got my copy of the Telarc Ray Brown, Monty Alexander, Russell Malone CD. This is a 2-CD set with one CD being a "producer's cut".
I've listened to just 1 CD as off yet but whatever I listened to is excellent!
Monty's piano playing is very spirited & lively, excellent bass from Ray Brown. Overall, I've enjoyed the entire the CD, which I never thought I would with this much enthusiasm.
Does anyone else have this CD? Are your resp. opinions the same as mine? Thanks for the inputs.
I bought it when it came out and I remember that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will dig it up tomorrow and give it a spin. Thanks for reminding me :)
Got it and like it quite a bit. The gift CD's good as well. In fact it might interest you in getting some other Ray Brown CD's, like Super Bass (if you want to give your system some bass exercise).
Excellent recording. You should also check out these Telarcs: Benny Green & Russell Malone- Jazz at the Bistro
and McCoy Tyner-Land of Giants.
A great disc, as is the bonus disc. Love Ray Brown. "Live at Sculler's" is excellent. Also have a double CD offering from Concord that is very enjoyable.

Telarc recently released another double CD, of which one is Ray's last recording before he passed away last year. The second is a disc of previously unreleased material. More info here: http://www.telarc.com/gscripts/title.asp?gsku=3515&mscssid=8GTB8NUH3K518GHNW0N13CL723Q8FBA6
Thanks for the feedback & suggestions for other CDs!

I have a number of Ray Brown LPs where he did a lot of work with Oscar Peterson & those are excellent as well. I'll check out the CDs you all recommended.