Raysonic CD128 repair

I have a Raysonic CD128, and am getting the “No Disc” error. I have cleaned the lens, and tried multiple discs with no luck, so it seems the laser is not working. Local electronics repair shops will not touch it. Does anyone know where I might be able to get this player repaired?
I got a couple of quotes from a couple of folks when my 128 needed a new laser, Quest and USA Tube for $400 and & $450 respectively. I originally bought it from Quest. That said I had it repaired by a local service center where I live (Paradyme in Sacramento) for a lot(!) less including an extra replacement laser (Sony). I don’t know where you are but this work is not rocket science, best check around in nearby areas before you start using strangers. FWIW.
Thanks to you both for your input. Looks like I need to expand my search area for a service shop, I’d rather not ship this thing. Does anyone know of a shop within about an 8 hr drive of Memphis?