RB 300 wire- Ingognito or Cardas and why?

Cardas or Ingognito Tone Arm re-wire comparison?

So long story short, broke a wire on my Rega arm and it needs re-wired so whats best option as both are similar in price if you get DIN plug for Cardas...Cardas being a bit cheaper.
It is to be installed on SOTA Star/Saphire table and used with current Dyna 20L cart and Musical Surroundings Phonomena with all types of music, if this comparison has been made before sorry for repeat but the search is lengthy. Thanks
Talk to Mike at Brit Audio (www.britaudio.com) - he is the tonearm wiring guru that I send all of this type of question to and he does superior work if you are having him do the job. He will steer you in the right directin for the best sound.
The Ingognito will be more articulate,the Cardas more laid-back.Depends on what will mate-up with the system better.
The Incognito uses Cardas 33 gauge litz. If you read the ad for Cardas Tone Arm Rewire Service they spell this out very clearly:
We use Cardas AWG 33 Litz wire and Cardas gold plated on brass cartridge tags. This is the same wire and tags as used by many upscale tone arm manufacturers. It is the same wire/clips as used in our Incognito rewire kit.
For what it's worth, I installed an Incognito in an RB300 a few years ago. The kit is very well designed and looks great when you're finished. I also installed the same Cardas 4x33 litz in a different RB300 as a DIY project. The finished product didn't look as elegant as the Incognito, but the sound was identical. I spent about $100 in parts (wire, WBT RCA's, braided shielding, nylon sheath, etc.). It wasn't a simple project. I had to be creative to make things work. I reused the plug near the headshell and the plug coming out the bottom of the tonearm. Without these it would have been difficult to make something that fit snugly. There used to be a great web site called Hot Wired Rega-Steps that walked you through rewiring an RB300, but the site is down or gone.

If I had to rewire another arm, I'd consider Brit Audio's $139 rewire service. His price includes shipping in the US.

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Aware this s an old thread but just had Michael at Britaudio do an Incognito re-wire on my P5.  He is a pleasure to deal with, and unbelievable service.  I live an hour away and dropped my turntable off.  He had it done in a few hours saving me a drive back later in the week.  Highly recommended 

Used Incognito on a MIchell badged RB250, and on my Audiomod Classic 4, both to excellent results.  The Audiomod a fabulous arm, by the way.
Cardas and Incognito (internal tonearm wires) are different, the incognito is more flexible