RB300 versus Linn Ittok

Has anyone got experience of a Michell Gyro SE with a Linn Ittok arm? I am currently using a standard RB300 with a Dynavector DV17D2. I'm not sure whether to mod the RB300 (structural/wiring), try the Ittok or go for something completely different? I'm also wondering if the arm rest on the Ittok will fit anyway.

Your ideas and experience gratefully received!
I have no experience with the Ittok, but my RB300 arm on a planar 3 really improved with the addition of the michell tecnoweight. The bass tightened up and the definition improved.
Go with the moded Rega (Michell Tecno arm). Mass drops down to 11 grams....... Nice match for your 5.3 gram Karat!