RCM Sensore Prelude OR Zesto Andros PS1 Phono?

Hi All. I have the opportunity to purchase either one of these two phono stages. My problem is i would be doing so with only having heard the RCM Sensor Prelude. Whilst i think this is a great phono stage i am wondering if anyone has heard both the Sensor Prelude AND the Zesto Andros in their setup and if they could convey their thoughts to assist me with my decision making process. I can't find any online reviews that compares both of them in the same review. There are great individual reviews for both of these items. So keen to get other perspectives and especially keen to hear if anyone has heard both? Thank You
Well, you're talking apples and oranges. The RCM is a solid state while the Andros is a tube preamp so I'm not sure how meaningful any comparison would be outside of your system. Is the rest of your system tubes or ss? What cartridge will you be using?

I happen to own the new version of the RCM (the Furutech version) and in my otherwise all tube system the RCM sounds very clean, very transparent, neutral, and dynamic. But you already know that since you're familiar with this product.

The Andros is also quite a bit more expensive so you need to take that into consideration as well unless it's not a factor. From what I've heard about the Andros, it sounds like you can't go wrong with either unit, all else being equal.
Thank you for your response. I have a tube pre-amp and my speakers are active (Adam Tensor Gamma). Although i wouldn't expect to have to run from phono to pre-amp to speakers. Whilst the units in terms of cost are different that is not a consideration. I am merely talking in "absolute" terms here. I am just trying to ascertain if it is worth the upgrade to a Zesto Andros from a Sensor Prelude and the price difference is not that substantial (after i sell my Prelude should i purchase a Zesto).
What cartridge would you be using?
And am I understanding correctly that you already have the Prelude?
The Prelude is on it's way with the Sota Cosmos turntable, ZYX Ayame Cartridge on a Kuzma Reference Tone Arm. The Prelude was part of the package. The seller wanted to sell the whole lot and did not want to seperate. So i have the Prelude by default if you like. I really wanted the Sota Cosmos Turntable and i got all the others bits with it. I have heard a Prelude in other systems and was impressed. I just have not heard a Zesto Andros and was considering selling the Prelude to "upgrade"? to the Zesto Andros.
I see. Sounds like you've assembled a very nice system. Congratulations. I'm not familiar with the ZYX cart, but both preamps should work fine with it. Why not stick with the Prelude since you're already getting it and you liked it in other systems? If you don't get to know the sound of your system with the Prelude in it, you won't be able to determine whether any upgrade actually makes an improvement. My two cents.
Don't disagree with your suggestion and i probably will end up doing that. But thought would ask the question anyway because if i was going to upgrade this is what i would consider upgrading to.
Jrisles, I will be very surprised if you could better the RCM sensor phonostage without spending quite a bit more.
Yes i tend to agree with you Pani. Hence my question. I trust you have heard the Prelude but not the Zesto Andros? Would this be correct?
With all of the praise being heaped upon the Zesto at the moment it does make one wonder just how much better it is likely to be than anything one might currently have (if better at all - of course depending what you currently have). Given it's modest price point (by comparison) it could be one of those devices where the purchase could potentially be justified. I could potentially recoup part of my purchase with selling my Prelude.

What is the difference between the normal RCM en the Furetech version?

The fuses and terminals are all Furutech. I spoke with Roger Adamek (RCM owner and designer) and the difference in his opinion is not subtle as compared to the original Sensor, which is a great unit in its own right. I had the benefit of speaking Polish with him as I grew up there and he is a very nice man, as most of the designers I've spoken with are.

If you want to ask anything more specific, feel free to email me at actusreus13@hotmail.com
I just took delivery of my new Zesto Andros PS1 yesterday. I have not heard the Prelude so I'm not going to be much help there. I was using a Ray Samuels F117 Nighthawk prior to the Zesto. The Zesto cost 5 times as much as the F117 so admittedly it isn't a fair comparison. That said, the upgrade to the Zesto has provided everything I hoped for. The soundstage is much larger especially front to back. Vocals sound very natural to me through the PS1. The bass is solid and deep and the highs are extended but not bright. Also I definitely hear more detail with Zesto but it is so musical that the added detail doesn't draw attention to itself. For me, it makes listening to vinyl a whole lot more enjoyable.
My advice would be to listen to your new turntable in your system before doing anything. If your not happy, the Zesto should be on your short list. I'm quite happy with it.
For reference, here is the rest of my vinyl playback system. My system is the Linn LP12 with Radikal power supply, Ekos SE arm, Akiva MC cartridge and Keel subchassis and a few other upgrades. Other components are the Harbeth M40.1 speakers, Ray Samuels A-10 Thunderbolt balanced vacuum tube preamp, and McIntosh MC452 power amp.