re: Harmon Kardon Citation 25 Preamp

I've got a Harmon Kardon Citation 25 preamp (stereo) that I purchased around 1988 or 1989. I like the preamp but have had the following problem for a few years meaning it's just been sitting in storage unused.

After several years of use it would take about 10-20 minutes to warm up to the point where I could use it. Now it just doesn't work at all although the power light is on. I get no sound output through the preamp.

I cannot find anyone that works on HK products and am told that HK is now out of business.

Someone told me that it might be due to there being no electrolytes in a specific part(s) of the preamp but I forget what parts they referenced.

I am fairly tech savvy and build high end computer workstations, servers, and networks. Does this sound like a part(s) that I could replace myself and if so which part(s).

In the alternative, is there someone who you all could recommend I send the unit to for evaluation and repair. I'm not interested in spending $200 to have someone tell me it can't be repaired. I can repair any computer workstation, server, or network, and the same should apply to this preamp.

Thanks in advance for any assistance in this matter.

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Harman Kardon is still in business. It is owned by an audio conglomerate named Harman of all things. It consists of AKG, JBL, Infinty, Harman Kardon, Mark Levinson and maybe others. They still offer a stereo receiver in fact. A repair or support on a preamp over 20 years old is questionable but it can't hurt to ask them if they can direct you to the answer.
A skilled tech in your area should be able to inspect the preamp and give you a quote before services rendered...had a similiar issue with an HK amp from the 80s...that being said...the bare minimum repair would run you around 80-100 and up...or at least in my of luck...
Do you really need a preamp?I would not put too much money into the HK as it wasn't that great in its own time and that was a long time ago. I would look into a good passive or volume control if I were you and put the money saved on repairs on that. What they were probably telling you was that the electrolytic capacitors need replacing, they almost certainly do.
Hello There,

After reading your blip on this forum, Let me ask you this.

Do you hear a relay click after you power up the unit?

I have worked on a lot of these Citation 25's/21's/22's/24's and I may be able to help you fix this issue. Let me know if you hear a click after power on.
You need to talk to Jim McShane at this website He specializes in Harmon tube gear as well as selling tubes.
I've used H/K gear - including Citation - since the late 1970s. I still have a Citation 19 Amp, but I set it aside because there's a low hum and it needs to be serviced. I do still have (and use) a Citation 25. It's a very nice solid state preamp with lots of analog connectivity, including support for both MM and MC phono cartridges. Very hard to find its like today.
I have a similar problem with my Citation Twenty-five that started a week ago. No audio output whatsoever from the RCA output sockets on the back of the unit. However audio comes out of the headphone jack. Any ideas other than sending it for repair, spend $150 and be told it can't be repaired? Thanks in advance to anyone posting a reply.