Re. Oppo 105D

Will it improve the sound of PC Audio?

It's got a good dac and if you use PC w/JRiver etc, it should sound way better than sound straight out of a pc. Via USB it will play most formats including single DSD.

Search the archives, so many comments already here about the sound of the 105. It's a real Swiss Army Knife! Cheers,

I use an Oppo 105 as a DAC with a MacBook Air running Aurdirvana Plus. Sound quality, to my ears, is simply stunning when running HD audip FLAC files. For example, Doug MacLeod's "Exactly Like This" recording from HD Tracks in 24/192 format is incredible. Everyone I have played this for says this is the best recorded sound they have ever heard. See my previous post on the subject of computer audio.

Very similar to my setup. I use an Oppo 105 as a DAC with a MacMini running Aurdirvana Plus 2.2. I also have a Schitt Wyrd between the mac & Oppo connected with a pair of Audioquest Carbon USB cables.

Audirvana+ 2.2 without iTunes integration is a big step up in sound quality from earlier A+, if you haven't yet, I'd recommend the software upgrade! Cheers,