Re-Post: Help? only one subwoofer channel works

What I am wondering, is how much does his matter based on how low bass in mixed in stereo recordings?

Here's what I know...It seems the left channel of my subwoofer isn't working. When I connect it, the whole system starts shutting off and on, when I disconnect the speaker wire from the sub, the problem stops and I still get output from the sub, with no noticeable hum or distortion.

Does this sound like a problem with the sub amp? If so,what effect does is this likely to have on output? When bass frequencies are recorded, I know that both channels are used, but do engineers typically record significantly different bass information for each channel, even though lower bass frequencies are not perceived directionally?

I hope this question makes sense at least. If not, please help me understand what I need to be thinking about.

Thanks as always.
My sub is the very cheap, not very good Tube Audio Design Aural Ecstasy unit. I have it hooked up high pass, straight from my Trends Audio t-amp to the sub's speaker terminals. This sub has already had a faulty amp that had to be replaced, which TAD did so even after the warranty passed, so no complaints. Both channels of the sub were working fine, until after I had to disconnect/reconnect it a couple of times, and I think at some point I might have put too much downward pressure on one of the left binding posts, perhaps causing it to touch something internally leading to a short. That's all I really know. It may well be something else.

I'm just wondering what the sonic effects of having only one channel of low bass. I guess it also occurs to me whether it is OK for a differential load being demanded on the amp, since now the right channel is driving both the main speakers (Tekton Design) and the sub, while the left channel is only driving the main speakers. Hopefully, since the sub presents such a small load to the t-amp, this isn't a problem, but I do wonder about the sonic effect on only one channel of low bass, as I put it in my original post.

Thanks to you both for your responses.

While it might not still be under warranty, maybe it might be a good idea to send it back in and see if something is wrong with it ?
Thanks for the suggestion. The thing is,the sub is so cheap that it is almost not worth the cost of shipping and hassle, though that is a way to go. My main interest is in the effect of having only one channel of deep bass, giving that it is not directional. This would seem to come down to how bass is mixed in stereo recordings, so I guess that is what I'm really try to figure out.
When you say it is shutting off or muting the rest of your system, to me, this is a sign that there is a short. I was recently installing in wall speakers in my Theatre room and the insulation had a foil backing. Everytime I hooked up my front left speaker, my surround system (receiver) would shut off. The foil on the back of the insulation was creating the short as the speaker rear and connectors were pushing against this foil. Sounds like a similar problem may be happending with your sub's input (based on your statement that you think you may have done this). First, I would check the cable to make sure that is not the problem (try a different cable). Secondly, I would pull the cover or plate that may allow you to see the other side of the binding posts/connector on the sub (from the inside, not the side where you plug your cable in when hooking up). Look for a loose strand, something bent, something moved and now you have metal touching metal.

It could be, as you seem to have expressed concern, that it is the amp in the sub, since you don't seem to feel it is very well made. I know nothing about this amp.
Thanks for the suggestion, that is what I believe happened as well, when I put too much downward pressure on one of the terminals. I will take out the amp and see.

Does anyone have any info on my questions about the effect on low bass of having only one channel of it, given that low bass is not experienced, but might be recorded, in stereo? I am interested in this apart from my particular problem.

Thanks again.