FM Tuner Antenna - what works best?

Can anyone recommend an affordable FM tuner antenna that gives exceptional results? I live in an apartment so hooking up a power antenna on the roof or outside the window is not an option. I will be using it with a Linn Kudos Tuner that, in most cases, gets excellent reception even with a basic plastic 'T' strip, but for some reason my most recent move has rendered this set-up inadequate (maybe a hill in the way of CBC's broadcasting towers?). My knowledge of FM antennas is limited and I am not sure whether a passive or power antenna is most suitable. Any input is appreciated. Thanks.
FM is a line of sight signal. If you've got tall hills you've go problems even if the transmission tower is nearby. Apart from that a good indoor antenna is made by Godar. They are passive and directional. Check them out on Google.
I have tried 5 indoor FM antennas. 2 were from Radio Shack and did not work well.I then tried a Terk Edge and a Terk Tower. They were both adout the same,better than R.S. but still not good enough for stations 30-40 miles away.Then I got the Terk FMPRO.I received stations that I did not know existed.Great antenna,can be painted and installed outside.Its about 4 feet long 3 inches tall and 1-2 inches deep.The price is $70 to $100.
Which Godar would you recommend for use in a small urban centre, the FM1-A or the Model 2? Can these be placed out of the way under a couch?
This is going to depend on your setup. I have found the Godar FM1-A to work well in some situations (and it will certainly fit under the couch, provided that location gives reasonable reception). However, I've gone back to good old $7 rabbit ears which give the best results in my setup.

I have a Godar Model 2 that I'll part with. I finally consolidated all my tuner antenna needs into an outdoor tower & no longer need it. The Godar Mod-2 is a great antenna.

The thing looks like new..I even have the paperwork & orginal box it was shipped in. Shoot me an email if you're interested.
Suggest you try one of the whip antennas -- the Fanfare FM2G or the equivalent Magnum Dynalab. In my system, in my location, I found the Fanfare to work considerably better than the Godar. One of the reasons is that the Fanfare can be used vertically, horizontally or at an angle, to fit the reception in a particular location. I am in a high rise in midtown Manhattan.