Recommendation on a basic turntable setup

Quick intro. I have been in audio for many years now.  Never tried a turnatable.  With this Covid, I have some free time and want to give it a try.  I am quite happy with my Theta Va DAC with Logitech streaming or Spotify streaming through Chrome Audio.  So if you can recommend a turntable that will be comparable or better that will be great.

The system I am planning to set it up with includes the following components (extra gear laying around):
- Sonic Frontiers SFL 1 Pre-amp
- Sonic Frontiers SFS 40 Amp
- Sonus Faber Concertino with stand

I would prefer a setup that is not too complicated to setup.  Budget is under $1000.

Pioneer PLX1000 with a Nagaoka MP110 and a Schiit Mani phono amp. You'll also need a good interconnect from Mani to your preamp. 
There you go. Synergistic Research, nice big warm yet detailed sound, beautiful  soundstage, will go nicely with your tube and analog. 
Thanks for the recommendations. My premap does have a phono input. Not sure if it is any good tho. Have to start somewhere. Thanks! 

The obvious question is: do you now own any LP's? (as you don't own a tt, I assume not). Or are you going to start buying them after getting a player? You "want to give it a try", but what you will be giving a try is not just a turntable, but LP's and everything that comes with them.

You'll need a serious cleaner (at least a RCM by VPI, Project, Nitty Gritty, Oki Noki, etc.) and cleaning solutions, a cartridge/stylus alignment protractor and stylus cleaner, and an isolation platform or shelf (LP players are very sensitive to vibration).

Have you considered the cost of new LP's, or are you intending to try used ones? New ones run about $20-$30, unless you get far enough into LP's to locate cheaper sources. Are you prepared to send back defective LP's? Warps, noise, and other defects are not uncommon in new LP's.

Not to be discouraging, but to paraphrase an old expression, LP's are not for sissies. ;-) 

@bdp24 : Stop trying to scare him off! Regarding LPs: there are a million used available online - no need to go outside shopping. Prices from $1 and up! New reissues today are IMO too expensive (and sourced mainly from digital files). I hardly ever buy any new! An original pressing in VG condition is much preferable!
@noromance : Good recommendation! I too bought a PLX1000 when I was curious and wanted to add a new TT to my vintage collection (a dozen +) of belt, idler, dd, linear-tracking TTs. The PLX1000 represents excellent value - even though it comes from Ch*na! Best choice under $1K!
Thanks for the suggestions. Sounds like the PLX1000 is quite popular. I will most likely start with a simple setup and buy new and used LP.  It is part of the fun to discover and learn right?  I know a lot of you are quite hardcore audiophile and everything must be perfect. I may start with a few LP and just stopped.  I always wanted to try turntable setup and the idea seems fun.  I don't know if I will ever own a cleaner. At that point I think it would end up ruining the fun for me.  But appreciate all the suggestions. It is a bit insane to me that 1k setup is too little.  I just don't want to end up getting a setup that requires constant upgrades. I'm perfectly satisfied with my systems and have not upgraded in the past few years. I find myself enjoying music and my systems more than ever now.  

@seanchou, if your area is anything like mine, Mint Minus copies of used LP’s will be readily available starting at around $5. But I would be hesitant to buy used without a vacuum (or ultrasonic) machine to wet clean them. The one from Project at around $500 would be my first choice, the VPI HW-16 second.

For a table, if you can find a nice used VPI HW-19 (Mk.2 or 3) with a Jelco arm would be hard to beat. The HW-19 is built like a tank, and will last forever (I've owned four including my current one). For bargain-priced cartridges I can’t be of no help.

@bdp24 definitely look into vpi. Thought it would be over my budget. I guess I'm not really fixed on that either. I found a few old record stores nearby and it seems like a fun hobby. For $5 it is worth a try.  I still have a large collection of sacd that are just sitting there. To me it is more of a fun process, I'm far from being a perfectionist. I would try to stay away from cleaning lp gears but we'll see I might get the bug. 

I got some interesting choices. Always wanted a classic vintage looking TT so the pioneer has great reviews but looking like it is for a dj.  But the pioneer with nagoaka mp-150 sounds like a very good value combo. 
Since your just curious about TT's at the moment and don't want to make a huge investment and sounds like also do not want to fuss with it too much (for now), I'm going to recommend a Denon DP-300f with a Ortofon 2M Blue Cartridge.

It did me well for a while. You would probably be able to find the Denon used in good condition too.

It's full auto and has a phono pre-amp built in also (although you did state you have a phone in).

As far as record cleaning goes, we all agree. Although even Steve Guttenberg admits to using his kitchen sink(!) Anyway an (great) inexpensive item on eBay usually ($20 plus) available is a "Label Saver". It's a start. Good Luck Sean!
Thank you for the kind words and suggestions.  Sounds like the Denon DP-300f with the Ortofon Blue might work.  Also, I realized my Sonic Frontiers preamp does not have a phono stage.  I do have a Audio Research LS26 preamp with the phono stage but cosmetically it doesn't match well.  :)   

I am pretty sure I will eventually need some cleaning tools if I decide to move forward with this hobby. I'll be sure to check eBay.  

Who knows I may end up w/ multiple TT setups since I do have 3 separate systems right now.  This setup being the smallest system of the 3.
@noromance thanks.  
I found some interesting listings on craigs.  One of them even invite to demo as long as wear masks.  =)  Lots of choices out there.
@seanchau, there is currently a "recently serviced" VPI HW-19 (Mk.3, I believe, though it has a Mk.4 armboard---1" thick vs. the Mk.3's 1/2") on the big auction site. It comes with a Sumiko Premier MMT (Jelco) arm mounted, a VPI PLC Power Line Conditioner, and what appears to be a BDR carbon fiber record clamp. That's a lotta table for $900! 3 days remaining, no bids, $114 shipping. If I needed a table and had a grand to spend, I buy it in a heartbeat.
@bdp24 That does sound like a lot for the money.  Is it on here or another site?  I am just so new to this and just wondering how much effort it will take to set it up.  Do I still need a  Cartridge?  Thanks.
Quick update.  I ended up with purchasing Rega 6 with Exact 2 cartridge.
Thanks for all the help.