Recommendations for classical MFSL recordings

I've not purchased too many MFSL recordings in the past. The few I have were rock artists and the discs were either worse than good originals (Rolling Stones "Sticky Fingers") or only slightly better than the originals to my ears. However, while rummaging through our university media center, I came across the MFSL disc of the '75 Ravel recording by the Minnesota Orchestra/Skrowaczewski. Now that is an excellent recording, one of the most natural sounding orchestral discs I've heard. Are there any other classical recordings from MFSL that Audiogoners enjoy and recommend seeking out?
Bernard Herrmann: Fantasy Film World of Bernard Herrmann, MFSL 1-240

Edward Elgar: Falstaff - Sym Study in c, op68; Sanguine Fan - Ballet, op81, MFSL 2-501

Both have good sound without the smiley face EQ so often found on much of the original Mobile Fidelity vinyl.
Have you heard/seen MFSL's (aluminum) classical cd's? Hard to find, but they're out there. Most were remastered from original Melodiya Soviet-era recordings. That Ravel is good (and was on a MFSL cd also) and I've had most of the catalog at one time or another. Two good ones are Tchaikovsky Sym. No. 6 with Svetlanov conducting the USSR Symphony Orchestra (MFCD 892) and Rachmaninov Sym. No. 2 also with Svetlanov conducting the USSR Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra (MFCD 885). There was a really good site at one time that a guy named John from Albuquerque had that listed all of the MoFi catalog (I no longer have the link). It's worth seeking out. Good luck!!
I should have been clearer. I was referring to purchasing older aluminum cd's, not vinyl. The brain's too fuzzy at 5:30 in the morning. Thanks for the suggestions so far.
After a little follow-up, the official MoFi website has a list of all MoFi recordings, past and present. Check it out.
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