Recommended Component Cable


I need a new component cable to connect my Pioneer DV37 to my sony 53" HDTV. I am currently using monster cable but I need a new length (probably 6' to 8' feet). Naturally, I want to best picture possible and I don’t mind spending something in the range of $150 new or used. I saw good reviews on BetterCables but I would like to hear any recommandations. I have invested a lot of money in my recent upgrade and want to see the best results from the DV37 and the Sony HDTV.

Any input/opinion/recommendation will be greatly appreciated.

I have used Tributaries with great success. The good news is that since you are currently using Monster, whatever you choose is sure to be a big improvement. Don
The Belden 1505A is a good 75 ohm cable available from radio shack online for less than $1 foot. Its a solid copper center with teflon dielectic. Sheilding and then a white jacket thrown on. You could use that max rochlin cable that others have and get your results, it uses the canare connectors hifir recommended. ?? Just pick some heat shrink-wrap so you can have your custom look. Whole thing should be less than $20.
I have Kimber Kable DV30. These work great. They have a couple of models below and above the DV30 which would probably fit into your budget. Check out their website. I'm totally pleased with the DV30.
Thank you all for the quick response. Based on the answers and some research I have just purchased the top of the line Canare component cable (2M) for 58$ on eBay. Based on what I've heard I am pretty sure these will be at least equal, if not better, than the Monster. I wish I had known audiogon previously, it would have saved me a lot of money (I cant believe that I've paid 125$ for 1 meter of Moster cable).

Thanks again, Raanan
Um, Ezmeralda11, according to Belden, the 1505A has a foam PE dielectric. If you want teflon, you need the 1506A, which is the plenum version of the 1505A.