record stores in Chicago

I'm going there in mid-November for my 20th wedding anniversary. Any good shops for blues and 80's alternative stuff and maybe some jazz?


reckless records (on milwaukee ave. in wicker park and in new town) is probably your best bet--it has a mindnumbing collection of used and new stuff, esp. rock; jazz record mart on east illinois downtown is vg source for jazz and blues, albeit on a more modest scale. there's also a couple of good vinyl and used cd places on n. clark street between fullerton and diversey.
nothing says happy anniversary like 'honey, i need to go to a record store'. With a chicago location, it sounds like a John Hughes' style comedy. Agree with loomisjohnson.
the way i see it, you can have a romantic weekend anytime, but you can't always go record shopping in a great music city. buy the wife a couple of cds so she feels special and have a great trip.
Dave's records on North Clark street (near Wrightwood) is great. Vinyl only.

You might also consider dropping by MusicDirect. 318 N. Laflin.

Now, do you have your restaurants picked out? Or do you have a thread open at... Foodgon?

I always send my wife up to the miracle mile for a couple of hours while I frolic in the Jazz Record Mart. Hard not spend a couple of hundred dollars. I think they also have some affiliation with the Delmark jazz label. Last time I was up there I Fedex'd my laptop home so I could fit all the vinyl in my briefcase.
Years ago there was a used/new vinyl record store in Chicago I used to shop at. The owner was always crying about an ex-girlfriend...and the guy that worked for him was rude, and refused to sell me the We are the World record. I left,bought a CD player,and joined the Columbia Records CD club and never looked back......
We stumbled upon Jazzmart by accident and spent an hour and about $200 bucks. Great place and nice people. I even got my son who plays drums a Max Roach t-shirt. The whole trip was a blast.
Have you ever bothered to thank the guy who didn't sell you the "We Are The World" record?

Glad you had a good time, John. Chicago is tops.