Recos for replacing Nak TA-2A to go w/ Klipsch KG4

A non-audiophile friend wants to replace her ailing Nakamichi TA-2A, which she uses to power Kilpsch KG4 speakers, which she likes. She's in an apartment so doesn't crank it too much, and listens to rock 'n' roll with lots of blues, alt. country and some folk. No classical and not much jazz. She likes a warm sound, she says. The Nak has a tuner, so receivers can be in the mix along with integrateds. Phono stage a bonus as she has, but doesn't much use, a TT. Budget around $2500 but seems like we could spend a lot less and still make her happy. I want to stay away from tubes or anything tweaky.

Oh, we'll be replacing her 20 year old Adcom CD player also.
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Sansui Integrated ( 70's Vintage ) Au Series...Great match...and cheap...Au517 ( approx 75 wpc ) very well made and sound great..Also has 2 phono sections...The nice ones are $200-$300.............
I'm sure the Sansui would be a great fit with Klipsch, but I'd prefer to get her something new or at least much more current.
The Outlaw 2150 receiver would be killer, warm sound, phono section and 100w/channel all for $500. You could spend $2500 but why should you. Get a Rega Apollo or Rotel 1072 and spend only half the budget.
I forgot to mention I drive a pair of Vandersteen 2ce speakers with the Outlaw RR2150 with a SOTA turntable and Rotel CD player and it doesn't embarrass itself. I got tired of high end audio and figured I'd keep what I had but add a reasonably priced amp or receiver to drive my speakers. I'm also in an apartment but I get full bass with acceptable mids and high notes. It's not the best but it's $699 now (sorry for the misquote before) direct from the manufacturer online. Hope this helps
One final thing..There's an Outlaw RR 2150 for sale on A'gon. It looks clean bought in 8/08 and it's $475.

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The outlaw is very interesting and has everything (FM and phono). I'm wondering how its sonics compare with integrateds from NAD and Cambridge Audio. Another thought I had for her is the low-end Simaudio integrated.