Recs for solid state integrated, $2-3,000 range

Would appreciate recommendations for a solid state integrated amp for use with vintage Tannoy dual concentric 315 drivers in cheviot cabinets. I understand these pair well with tube amps, but they also do well with a solid state and that is what I am looking for at this point. Budget is about $2500-3,000, new or used. The inclusion of a DAC is a plus but not necessary (I understand the downside of no upgrades but I like the idea of one box and no interconnects to a DAC).

I am looking for powerful bass and good soundstage and imaging. I listen to orchestral music, jazz and some rock from a macbook using audirvana and high res files. No phono on the horizon. I would like an amp that I could eventually use with other types of speakers in the future such as harbeths or newer tannoys.

I am considering Bel Canto 5 and 7, Hegel 80 and 200. Have only heard the Hegel so far- loved the sound but it seemed to lack bass authority and power. I may of in this direction but am looking at all options. I want something in a reasonable size and weight - not too big.

My listening room is large - approx 45 feet by 22 feet.

Speaker specs are:
Type: 2 way, single driver loudspeaker system
Frequency Response: 40Hz to 20kHz
Power Handling: 60W
Crossover Frequency: 1000Hz
Impedance: 8Ω
Sensitivity: 89dB

Thank you
Micromega IA-400 or AS-400 are also great options. Get the AS-400 if you want to stream to it via AirPlay. I saw some on here marked down to $1500 or so which is a screaming deal as I think they were around $4k originally.

I spent a lot of time with an AS-400 and was very, very impressed.
I second the Jeff Rowland Concentra I or II advice. I own the earlier version, and consider it to be absolutely outstanding.

I also recently acquired a vintage Accuphase E-303 to use in Europe where I am currently living, and am very impressed. Not as good as the Concentra, but terrific (when re-capped, etc.) bang for the buck at around $1000 – if you can find a good one.
I just bought the Micromega AS-400, for the discounted price.  It is an amazing sounding piece.  Replaced my Classe CAP-151 with it.  Only quirks are DAC is only usable in streaming mode, and due to EU privacy rules - when you switch out of playback / streaming mode, it disconnects from the network until next time.  It has tons of power and a nice sound.  If it matters to you just made Absolute Sound's top rated components list.  I wanted a Rogue Magnum 2 - but tubes ran too hot for my "closed" cabinet.