Recs for solid state integrated, $2-3,000 range

Would appreciate recommendations for a solid state integrated amp for use with vintage Tannoy dual concentric 315 drivers in cheviot cabinets. I understand these pair well with tube amps, but they also do well with a solid state and that is what I am looking for at this point. Budget is about $2500-3,000, new or used. The inclusion of a DAC is a plus but not necessary (I understand the downside of no upgrades but I like the idea of one box and no interconnects to a DAC).

I am looking for powerful bass and good soundstage and imaging. I listen to orchestral music, jazz and some rock from a macbook using audirvana and high res files. No phono on the horizon. I would like an amp that I could eventually use with other types of speakers in the future such as harbeths or newer tannoys.

I am considering Bel Canto 5 and 7, Hegel 80 and 200. Have only heard the Hegel so far- loved the sound but it seemed to lack bass authority and power. I may of in this direction but am looking at all options. I want something in a reasonable size and weight - not too big.

My listening room is large - approx 45 feet by 22 feet.

Speaker specs are:
Type: 2 way, single driver loudspeaker system
Frequency Response: 40Hz to 20kHz
Power Handling: 60W
Crossover Frequency: 1000Hz
Impedance: 8Ω
Sensitivity: 89dB

Thank you
Look into the Yamaha AS2100 had one throug here a few weeks ago - amazingly good sounding unit

Good listening

Maybe a "meh" stretch past your budget, but not fatally so for a used....

REGA OSIRIS integrated amp

Highly recommended Goliath slayer.... Google the reviews
There is a Classe CAP-2100 listed here for under $2200. I think that would fit the bill!
Bel Canto C7i. Has everything, DAC, phono, tuner as well. C5i would do well also and come in under budget. A few less watts and no tuner.
1. YBA Passion

2. Jeff Rowland Concentra I or II

Older but both (or all three if you count the JR's as separate units) will hold there own in today's market

Highly sought after and rarely available, they are worth consideration if you can find them!
I will add Redgum Audio to the list. Directly from Australia. Made there, seven years warranty, great customer service. I think, their top of the line integrated is about $3500, they have other models. Dual volume control - what a great idea.
Rowland and YBA are excellent, but I am not sure about powerfull bass, and the Rowland is very difficult to find.
I have older Redgum RGi120 and like it a lot.
You will also need excellent interconnect and power cord.
Sony TA-A1ES.
Amazing sounding simple integrated. Smooth grain free holographic and detailed.
11-04-15: Pbnaudio
"Look into the Yamaha AS2100 had one throug here a few weeks ago - amazingly good sounding unit."

Totally agree with this suggestion. I have the Yamaha A-S1000 and it is built like a tank, quiet as a mouse, sounds about as neutral as you can get, and has some serious punch. The A-S2100 is said to have all those attributes and then some. Oh, can't forget about those meters.

I currently use a Luxman 505ux with my Harbeth SHL5s and it's a great match. 100W a channel, very flexible. No DAC. Should be able to find one as a demo or used from $2400 to $3000 easily. I tried a Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum and the Luxman is much better with my speakers, especially the bass response.
Older model of Bel Canto S300i may be a better match, but does not have neither phono or DAC.
The new Parasound Integrated would be a great choice. I've owned many Parasound products and am always impressed with the sound. My extremely revealing ATC SCM'19's prove how smooth yet powerful my Parasound Halo A21 is.

In any event, many good choices in your generous budget.
Many great ideas here - thank you all very much. I'll keep you posted on what transpires. Trying to listen to as many as I can for a few months before purchasing.
You said you're looking for powerful bass and good soundstaging and imaging.
Look no further than the Nuprime IDA-16.
Look at all Blue Circle integrated amplifiers. I have a Blue Circle DAR, a hybrid amp with one NOS 6SN7 - gorgeous looking, even better sound - so very musical. Hand made by Gilbert Yeung in Ontario.

How about a Marantz Reference integrated?
A used PM15S2b would be nice (I have one) but I think the newer version goes for more than your budget, but, with Black Friday looming on the horizon, who knows?

All the best,
Jon INTegrated with Sweetcord is $2k delivered.
Dac included.

Only one analog in and it runs thru an ADC.
Job INTegrated with Sweetcord is $2k delivered.
Dac included.

only one analog in and it runs thru an ADC.
How about a Marantz Reference integrated?
A used PM15S2b would be nice (I have one) but I think the newer version goes for more than your budget, but, with Black Friday looming on the horizon, who knows?

All the best,
I second the above Marantz PM15S2 recommendation also. Its truly an outstanding integrated amp.
It has been replaced by the PM14S1, and even a new one at $2995 would still be at your budget.
just heard a parasound halo integrated--awfully impressive for the 2k pricetag, with every bell-and-whistle
Plinius Hautonga might be worth a look considering your needs. A couple available here now. Best of luck.
First Watt j2 by Nelson Pass, perhaps you can find used for $3,000. Should be great with Tannoy or Tekton. Best, Rob
P.S. My doctor has your same name.
There is a First Watt j2 for sale right now for $2,000 on Audiogon. I have no relation to seller. Just popped up today. Rob
integrated which comes to my mind with powerfull bass and wide soundstage are krell (kav500i,s550i) or asr emitter.Not sure how they will mate with your speakers.There is a guy who likes very much new krell vanguard amp.
I'm going to separates so I just listed my Nuprime IDA-16. Holographic, big soundstage, with internal sabre dac.It really is a great piece.
Micromega IA-400 or AS-400 are also great options. Get the AS-400 if you want to stream to it via AirPlay. I saw some on here marked down to $1500 or so which is a screaming deal as I think they were around $4k originally.

I spent a lot of time with an AS-400 and was very, very impressed.
I have been running a pair of Tannoy Turnberry SE for the last 4 years. Have tried various amplification. If you want to keep it simple and amazing, get a Naim Nait 5i-2. I had it. It will make your Tannoy sing and dance with amazing dynamic range and agility. It doesn't sound like a typical solid state amp. It is more fluid and natural than most at this price point. It's 50 watts are killer!

The Yamaha AS- 2100 is also very good though I haven't heard it in my own system. The only other amp that comes to my mind is the Pass Labs F6. But for that you need a good preamp. May be a Pass B1. It won't sound as powerful as the other two but it will sound the purest of the bunch. For Rock and Jazz I will favour the Naim and Yamaha though.
I second the Jeff Rowland Concentra I or II advice. I own the earlier version, and consider it to be absolutely outstanding.

I also recently acquired a vintage Accuphase E-303 to use in Europe where I am currently living, and am very impressed. Not as good as the Concentra, but terrific (when re-capped, etc.) bang for the buck at around $1000 – if you can find a good one.
I just bought the Micromega AS-400, for the discounted price.  It is an amazing sounding piece.  Replaced my Classe CAP-151 with it.  Only quirks are DAC is only usable in streaming mode, and due to EU privacy rules - when you switch out of playback / streaming mode, it disconnects from the network until next time.  It has tons of power and a nice sound.  If it matters to you just made Absolute Sound's top rated components list.  I wanted a Rogue Magnum 2 - but tubes ran too hot for my "closed" cabinet.