Rega Apheta 2....Asking Price ?

 Possible BNIB Rega table purchase very soon, but have no need for the factory installed Apheta 2 cartridge.

 So this would be a new take off, and will have never ever touched a record...brand spanking new.
Just trying to get an idea on a fair asking price in order to sell it.
 Any idea`s ?? 
I should clarify; I can go either way on the TT purchase, with or without a cartridge.
 I`m just looking to save a few dollars by selling the Apheta and applying the proceeds of the sale towards the purchase of the table.
The difference is $1000 more with the Apheta.
So 50% off List/Retail wouldn`t help me in that regard.

Then you should buy the table without the cartridge. I doubt you would get more than a grand for it! 
That is not a very popular cartridge, so I would just pass on it.  Or keep it as a spare.  
It sure is a popular cart with the Rega folk. None Rega folk maybe not but it's an excellent cart and there are a lot of Rega folk out there and it is so worth the $1000 even to just keep.