Reasonably Priced 6CA7 NOS (or even good used old stock) Tubes Available Anywhere?

As the title says, I am in need of some reasonably priced 6CA7's  tubes for newly purchased monoblock amps. NOS, or even used old stock that tests well would be fine. A big part of the problem is quantity. I need two matched quads of 6CA7's. I've checked all the usual places and pricing is through the roof. I cannot afford to spend  $1000.00 or more to provide tubes for the amps. 

This is alsol really driven by the fact that there is only one currently produced 6CA7 that I can locate, and its mediocre at best. 
My favorite EL34 type is the Genalex Gold Lion KT-77 reproductions.  Fantastic sounding tubes top to bottom and around $200 a quad or less. Highly recommended!
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How many hours You listen Your amp on 90-100 % of full output power?I doubt the Your time is no more 2-3 min. per day. And You will pay thousand for this time? For this price You can buy amp with realy audiophill  tubes with better sound, like SE 2A3, PP 6V6, ..../Your tubes are for guitar amps with sharp sound, that You sense like detail?!/. You can also contact with audiophills, that build really cool sounding tube amps.
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you may want to try the PSVANE HIFI grade; excellent sounding tubes and reasonably priced, they have a 6CA7 tube available in matched quads
Very musical sounding tube also.
My Gold Lion KT77 saga: I tried a set of JJ KT77s in my Dennis Had SEP amp a while back and they just didn’t cut it for reasons I find hard to describe...they lack some mojo compared to various power tubes I’ve used in this amp but were cheap and I thought no big loss. I generally use Gold Lion or Sovtek KT88s or KT120s with great results, and recently thought I’d finally check out the Gold Lion KT77s to see if they were better than the JJs...YEAH MAN...somehow there’s a synergy the Gold Lions have with the Had amp that took me by surprise, and just gets better as they settle in. Maybe the best tube improvement I’ve heard, certainly in this amp...amazing.