Rega Apollo vs Naim CD5i vs Arcam CD73T

Anyone compared these? I'm looking for a good CDP and I would like to stay around a grand or less if possible, but if there is significantly better performance to be had I can go as high as $1500, which is about what I can get the Naim for.

I've been using the digital outputs from my DVDP's (both suck with RB CD's)to my Arcam AVP-700 and it does a nice job, but I'm thinking a good stand alone player in a direct mode through the analog inputs might be better.

Comments, suggestions, recommendations please.
I've listened to higher-end Naim's and the Apollo and there's a difference. The Naim seemed to have a bit more articulation with the upper frequencies and the silences were quieter. I was listening to one of their high-end ones with separate power supply.

The Apollo sounded very good to me. People often use the phrase laid-back to describe it and I'd agree with that characterization. I bought the Apollo and honestly I'm tickled pink. I love the sound. It was a huge upgrade over what I was using. I just finished listening to Rachmaninoff and was pure bliss. I just sat there and relaxed like I hadn't in a long time listening to music.

At this moment I'm a big Rega fan. BTW they're amps have the same sort of sound.

Arcam CDP I'm not sure about. I've A/B'ed their amps and they're a bit too "left brain" for me. By that I mean the sound is very clear, detailed, and definitive but lacks warmth. As an engineer I appreciate what they're doing but as a music fan, I'm not that thrilled with the sound.
Thanks for the response. I was hoping to get more, but I guess not than many are familiar with these units.

Your thoughts on the Arcam is what I have heard from others, including my dealer who sold me my Arcam AVP-700. I still haven't heard the Apollo, but have heard the a Naim CD5X with the outboard power supply and absolutely loved the sound.

The CD5i was actually more than I wanted to spend, but I went ahead and ordered because deep inside I knew this was the one I really wanted.

I just hope it sounds similar to what I heard from 5X and I hope I don't hear the Apollo only to find I spent the extra bucks for nothing. But, we'll see.

Thanks for the response.
Hi Jack,

The 5X and the 5i sound pretty different from each other. I bought a 5i because I love it's lively sound and drive. The 5X falls a lot closer to the conventional "audiophile" sound. It's just a matter of preference, but there's not a lot of family resemblance between the two.
Jack, what do 5i's run? I heard the 5x and the S3. I think the dealer wanted $1700 for the entry level 5x which was a good bit more than the Apollo and a bit more than I was wanting to pay for the difference in sound. Plus I listened to it with the separate PS which would have just been more.

The 5x didn't really blow me away but but S3 was part of a complete high-end Naim system - monoblocks and power supplies everywhere. The high-end system - the guy must have had $60k in it - just blew me away. I won't forget how good it sounded for a very long time if ever. Of course my budget was nowhere near that. But it was nice to establish a reference memory.
The list on the CD5i is $1699. If you got offered the 5X for this price that was a huge discount.

I also heard the 5X in a very good system, Usher speakers, Naim pre-amp, Belle's amp, mega dollar silver cables, etc.

I owned a Rega Planet 2000 and while the Apollo is said to be much better, I've read it maintains the Rega signature sound, so I might at least have an idea of how it sounds.

The thing I liked about the Naim was everything just sounded so real. The weight of the horns, the exact presentation of the female vocals, the deep full bass.

Everyone that's heard the 5i and 5X said they sound very different. However, the funny thing is at least half prefer the 5i sound. They say it really cooks.

I asked many people on many forums and in the end took their advise. I didn't get a single bad comment about the Naim. Nearly every person who has heard 5i and the Apollo said they would buy the Naim if they had the money. And, as bad as I hate to admit it, I like how the green lights match the green of my Arcam AVP-700 and this also influenced my decision.

Anyhow, it will be here next week so I'll know them how it works in my system.

BTW, when asking this question practically no one recommended the Arcam over the other two??
At the price points on these its basicly 2 $1000 players against the Arcam which is about 400 used.
Actually, it's a $1700 and $1000 player against a $700 player.

Have the CD5i in my system and am extremely happy with my decision. Also had a chance to hear the Apollo and it's also a very good CDP and I can see why many like it so much. But, I like mine better.
I was just being general,actual money figures make it even clearer that you get what you pay for.