Rega p6 RB330 how to get XLR output

Seems like google search really did not help me.  Is this impossible?. How easy for a novice like me to change the RCA cable to XLR so that I can connect it to BAT VK-P10SE properly?.
Not sure you should rewire the captive arm cable as it will affect resale value. Why not use a 3 Pin Male XLR To 2 RCA Female Y Cable?
You cannot simply go balanced from the stock Rega arm (unlike almost every other arm out there) to your phono stage because Rega combines the ground with the left channel internally.

Separating the ground from the left channel, or a total arm rewire utilizing a more conventional grounding scheme found in most other tonearms, will be required.

If you modify the existing wiring, you would then need to remove the RCA’s and properly terminate with XLR’s.

Link below is to the necessary modification to disconnect the ground from the left channel.