Rega RB2000 - Bearing Play

Bought an RP10 (used, but from a dealer).  The arm has substantial side-to-side bearing play (a good 1/8" in either direction) and a bit of up-down play we well.  I've used & had numerous Rega arms and have never seen this before.  I found some threads elsewhere suggesting this is a manufacturing defect.  (Since these arms are hand-made, how would this escape QA?)

Anyone have any experience with such an issue, and getting it resolved?
I had this problem with a TecnoArm because of my clumsiness. I am not insinuating that you are clumsy. The bearings were covered by a small plastic plug that were easier to remove than see. After that I just snugged up the small screw until snug. Not farmer tight. No problems since.

One of those small screw driver kits available at any automotive store or electronic stores for 10 bucks will suffice. You will need good lighting and perhaps a magnifier to see the plugs covering the bearings.

Google a Rega drawing or check out the Vinyl Engine for a Rega tonearm schematic if you cannot find the plugs covering the bearing housings. They are fairly well disguised. 

Good luck.
If bought from a reputable dealer then it will be covered by Rega - you should not have that much play.  I have owned 3 Rega tables in the past (P5, P7, & P9) and none of them had a bearing play issue.
I have the RP10/RB2000.  I don't have any issues with excessive bearing play.