Rega RP10 or Nottingham Space 294 or VPI Prime

I am moving up from a Rega P5 which I've enjoyed for nearly 10 years (with a Benz Glider). I would appreciate any comments if you've actually owned or spent time with any of the above tables, and also comments on cartridges used with them. The Rega usually comes with the Apheta. Yes, I know, there are other choices, but due to location of dealers and the fact that there is limited time available to any of us in this lifetime, I've narrowed it down to these three choices. I also considered TW Acustic Raven, but they are in a higher price bracket and there are no area dealers.
Former planar 3 owner, now have an LP12 for the last 18 yrs.

i recently heard the Prime with a Grado cartridge. I was extremely impressed. I have no experience with the other decks you mention 
Over a course of 9 years I have owned a Rega P5, P7, & P9.  All models were very good tables.  I recently upgraded my P9 to a VPI Aries 3, but had considered the RP10 also.  I chose the VPI due to the ability to 'fine tune' the table plus I was interested in an outboard motor to keep motor noise to a minimum.  I got  a great trade-in price for my P9 and have not looked back.  The VPI is a well engineered table.
Of the three tables mentioned, IMO, the Prime would be the choice.  But as an alternative, don't forget the VPI Classic.  Some prefer the Classic arm over the 3D.
Let me know if you are interested in the VPI Prime.   I'm looking to upgrade to a Classic 4 with two tonearms and plan on selling my Prime I purchased in 2015.  Trying to decide whether to trade it in or sell it privately or on Audiogon.  If any interest, feel free to message me.  I would say the Prime is better than the Classic 1 (at least to my ears and to value), but once you get to the Classic 3/Signature, I think it gives some serious thought.  Best of luck in your search and decision.  If you're considered VPI, check out their forum, as there is a lot good information for future owners and current owners.  Good luck!
Thanks for the info. I started years ago with a VPI HW-19, had it for about 10 years, and then decided to try a Rega P5. I was struck by how much "quieter in the groove" the Rega was. I know VPI has come along way since the HW-19.
Never heard the 294, but know the 10 and Prime VERY well (I sell both VPI and Rega).

Both are fantastic tables and probably depends a little on the overall sound you are looking for.

The Prime at it's price point, is an extremely good table.
Have not heard the 294 or the Prime but have demoed several VPI decks and have no interest in owning one. I own a Rega P9/RB1000 which delivers great PRAT and musical engagement which an older(flagship) HRX failed to match. The strength of the Rega P10 is the great tonearm and overall sound quality not appearance. Until your ready for a true "reference"... Spiral Groove/Brinkmann/SME ect. the P10 will serve you well. FWIW the P10 has the ability to accommodate most world class cartridges giving you the ability to upgrade NOT replace, can the 294 or Prime make that claim?
Don't know about the 294, but the Prime can certainly accommodate world calls carts.