McIntosh MT5 or VPI Prime Scout turntable

Greetings Audiogon forum community.

I currently have the VPI prime scout and I’ve enjoyed it for the past four years. I have a Luxman 509X, Isotek Aquarius V5 power conditioner and Wilson Audio Yvette speakers. I am 90% sure I am upgrading to the McIntosh MA12000 integrated amp which will be replacing my Luxman. I am now considering moving away from the VPI turntable and getting the McIntosh MT5. Look forward to any insight you can provide. 


Both of those turntables are very good.

You like switching the sound up. Luxman to MacIntosh… one end of the spectrum to the other… maybe more like opposite sides of a triangle. You have heard both?

I have not heard the Mac yet. Really like my Luxman, but (think I) need more low end, power. Had a PrimaLuna EVO 300 before the Luxman and love the move.
many aspects that I have read is that the Mac brings the low end bass, strong mid but short on the highs and soundstage. Less dynamic than the Luxman  

What has been your experience when comparing the two?

My first reaction is I thought McIntosh turntables were made by Clear Audio - I would research Clear Audio turntables as when you add another layer you may add cost.

I would audition the Luxman and the McIntosh side by side.  I've owned McIntosh pre and power and personally I prefer Luxman's clarity though let me be clear I enjoyed listening to music on my McIntosh system for hours and hours at a time!